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FS19 Tuning/General Improvements

FarmingSimulator19 6 - FS19 Tuning/General Improvements

I think it would be a good idea to create a thread where the community can post ideas for Giants and mod creators to add/improve within the game. I’ve compiled a few just thinking while playing after the 1.2 update today, feel free to add more below and if there’s one that seems to be a common theme I will edit it in! I play on Xbox so also feel free to comment improvements specific to PS4 or PC.


-Grass growing from the painted texture (maybe even just one stage or add the cost of “seeding” to make sure it’s not just an easy way to create grass fields)

-Undo/Reset button

-Placing textures over a field still results in the mud getting on tractors and showing tracks on the concrete, gravel, etc. (This is rather unsightly after a few trips around the farm)

-Birds still flock in greater numbers in fields after textures are placed as well (Personal preference here, just something I noticed)

-Possibly number the paint textures for quicker reference



-Lime consumption: reduction and the addition of larger spreaders (I haven’t tried lime on 1.2, saw that it got a ~15% reduction)

-Weed Growth: If you play like me with plant growth on fast (especially early game), it can be difficult to properly time weeding. The best way to get around it is to spray herbicide the in the last growth stage, but that requires narrow wheels on a tractor. A change to make the timing better or a one time stay would be ideal.

-Hold/Scroll ability when taking out or paying loans

-Prevent trains from stopping where they will cause issues at crossings

-Possibly provide an engine package on the JD 8RT to match the 8r (Not sure how this is IRL)

-More options for decorations that don’t look worn and run down

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