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I give up…..Too many bugs!!!!

FarmingSimulator19 1 - I give up.....Too many bugs!!!!

Well it's official I have reached my limit for patience on Farming Simulator 19 on Xbox One S. I have tried at least 30 different times to have some fun and make a successful farm but I would say at least 20-25 of those times have been a ruined experience by the number of bugs and glitches that plague the game.

RANT For example, The following examples have been tired on any map I could get my hands on with no change in results.

You go out and buy or lease all this equipment for planting and harvesting cotton and invest all this time into planting it as well as harvesting it only to have your stupid harvester unload your cotton bales and they never come out of the machine so you pull forward to find that they are glitched out stuck at the unloading angle in mid air with no collision with them possible, It's like you can see them but they don't exist. So I left the business.

Then I thought I'd try the only self renewable crop on the game, sugarcane. Well I bought all the stuff to do it and planted all my fields only to be disappointed when harvest time came. I knew you needed a helper to drive the harvester while you drive a semi or tractor with trailer beside it to collect. I had no problem matching speed but when you come to the end of the field row, he glitches out and takes forever to turn around so that was a bust too.


Then I turn to silage. Buy some land closer to the barn or biogas plant (which I know you have to buy to use). Only to have the game tell me when I go to buy placeables that "The Terrain cannot be deformed here" and I'm like it's a pretty flat field for the map I was on where it happened most. And I'm like who is the game to tell me where I can and cannot build on my own land. Pissed me off. So I finally find a place to build a bunker silo. Fill it full of chaff from my other fields. Only for silo to glitch when I uncover it or it will glitch when I'm down to 90,000 in the silo and won't let me get the rest out with any type of equipment.

Forestry is glitchy too.

The new idea of sculpting land and painting is a great idea but honestly it was poorly executed on this game. I'm not totally lost on the Farming Simulator franchise but I don't even know if this game is playable because it seems everything glitches or has bugs.

NOTE If anyone has any ideas I would be very open to any suggestions. I'm actually sad that I'm so frustrated that I can't play the game due to all the glitches and bugs. I have had the game since November of last year for any of the players that want to accuse me of not having it or not having it very long like I've seen in other rants.

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