Farming Simulator 19

I made a Powershell script to automatically update my Courseplay every time I run the game

FarmingSimulator19 9 - I made a Powershell script to automatically update my Courseplay every time I run the game

I created a Powershell script to automatically update my courseplay, and launch the game (via steam)

save the following in a text editor as FILENAME.ps1, changing the filepath to match yours. (the # marks those lines as a comment so you can copy the entire code block and edit as appropriate.

# change directory to my docs cd C:UsersusernameDocuments # downloads the current release of courseplay zip (same as going to the github site and choosing 'download zip') "curl -LOk" | cmd.exe # unzips the resulting file Expand-Archive # Rezips, renames and overwrites the new zip to replace the existing copy # MAKE SURE THE SECOND FILE IS THE EXACT FILENAME YOU ALREADY USE Compress-Archive C:UsersusernameDocumentsmastercourseplay-master* "C:UsersusernameDocumentsMy" -force # delete the downloaded Zip and the extracted folder as they are no longer needed after rezipping the mod. Remove-Item –path –recurse -force Remove-Item –path C:UsersusernameDocumentsmaster –recurse -force # launch the game, if not using steam replace the steam command with the exe path (find this by right clicking your shortcut and copy the box marked Target) start steam://rungameid/787860 

Run it by right clicking and select 'Run with PowerShell'


Make sure that the second entry in the compress archive line matches your existing zip file name exactly (capital letters matter) or you will get the following warning:

This savegame uses downloadable content which is not installed. If you continue, some vehicles will not be available. alternatively, you can download the following content: CoursePlay SIX

If you somehow broke it by messing up the name and are getting this message (like I was) you can open careerSavegame.xml from your savegame folder in a text editor and find the line that reads:

<mod modName="fs19_Courseplay" title="CoursePlay SIX" version="6.01.00209" required="false" fileHash="513c1b014bc904f93e2bf62e7a2854a9"/> 

modname="fs_19courseplay" tells me mine was

If that happens, delete the erroneous zip, change the script as appropriate and rerun it.

I am a relative beginner to scripting, so there may be a better way to code this, but this way works.

Edit- added run instruction

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