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FarmingSimulator19 2 - Mining mod

While looking at the developer docs for the game I found the code to make terrain modifications which should make it quite easy to make it dig-able. Would anyone want to work together to add mining to farm simulator? Would need someone to make models for mining equipment such as wash plants, water pumps, shaker tables, sluices, etc. We could basically build the gold rush game into the world of farming simulator 19.

I don't have the game yet but will hopefully have the funds to buy it after Christmas next week. Anyone interested in Working together on this let me know.


Especially now that the terrain tool is in the game it should be quite easy to use a trigger event with the excavators and diggers to edit the terrain in a spot to make a hole and change the material/texture to look like dirt/pebbles/ore/whatever while at the same time loading the shovel with a new material which would adapt the wood chips code and models just with a new texture. We can use the code from the wood chippers to make the mining equipment with very basic modifications.

Probably need to make a store for selling the finished/refined products and maybe even have a mining equipment store.


Now to put ore in the ground could either be done by making custom mining maps or running a script at map load to seed the map with ore deposits.

The hardest part will be all the equipment models an texture needed.

We would need:

– Exploration drills

– Gold pans

– Crushers

– Wash plants

– Feeders with grizzly bars

– Trommels / shaker decks

– Sluices

– Shaker tables

– Pumps / hoses/ cables / generators

– Smelters

– Ore / dirt textures

– Refined resources (nuggets, bars, ingots)

– Gold rooms and other buildings

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– Bulldozers, back hoes and dump trucks

– Modifications to Excavators, Conveyors, Shops, Trucks and more

– Add Electricity to the game. (Might be able to use fuel code as a starting point although it is an all or nothing resource)

I think this would need to be a team effort to get this done in a reasonable time frame.

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