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Minor Rant: Do the majority of people “cheat” while playing this game?

FarmingSimulator19 10 - Minor Rant: Do the majority of people "cheat" while playing this game?

I see a lot of posts on showing off awesome farms where the only way the screenshot could be generated is by "cheating" in money for all the buildings and equipment. I would also say that the majority of streamers are "cheating" in some way, be it 4x starting money (create 4 farms and use all money for 1), unbalanced mods or just editing in more money. I have watched 2-3 streamers that I know to be legit and since the game came out they're progress is no where near what some of the other streamers are showing.


I don't have an issue with people playing how they want, but I do think that by not stating that unbalanced mods or money was "cheated" in sets false expectations. In order to get some of these farms and equipment people are showing, the average player is looking at 100+ hours. This isn't really a game where you can make drastically wrong decisions, do some research and then do significantly better on the next play through using new strategies. For example, in Factorio, people can take 50+ hours to launch a rocket; but it can be done in about 5 hours if the player changes strategy and better understands the mechanics. In FS19, even if the player makes are the right decisions, then it still takes forever to get to the part of the game where things snowball because the economy is so slow until the player has equipment and land to make a profit.

Do I have a false impression or should I just accept that the economy is so broken for most people that "cheating" is just accepted by the community?

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