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My Biggest Pet Peeve

FarmingSimulator19 1 - My Biggest Pet Peeve

The thing that bothers me the most other than seasons still being a mod and terrible economy features is grain bins and how they work. In the game there is "Grain Silo", "Large Grain Silo", and "Large Silo Extension" and I will reference them as bins just because where I am from we call them grain bins.

First off, the biggest part of them is how you can put 7 different fruit types in the same bin! I believe back in FS 11 there was dedicated bins for each fruit type and they could not be mixed? If that is true and I remember correctly why would they change it and why has it not been changed back? As a simulator this should be pretty high up on the list of changes to make. It shouldn't be that hard either since combines, trailers, etc can only hold one fruit type at one time.

I am very thankful that you can now place the bins, but I do not like how placing an additional bin next to the other will increase the capacity of both. Did anyone play Ski Region Simulator from Giants? On there you were able to add extensions to your existing buildings in pre-determined spots. I wish they would have made it where if you place a "Large Grain Silo" you can customize it and it gives you the option to add different size bins like the "Large Silo Extension" with legs running to and from each other in the dedicated spots surrounding it.


I do see modders making bins fillable with augers which is awesome! But then I have to think to myself "Farming Simulator has been out since FS 2008 and we still rely on the community of modders to add features as basic as this?"

Everyone, including Giants, needs to play John Deere American Farmer Deluxe Edition. That one came out in 2006 and honestly besides from not being able to drive your own tractors has way more simulator features than Farming Simulator. 3 different types of seed types for each crop, 3 different types of fertilizer, pests, weeds, mother nature effects like floods and droughts, soil moisture, soil compaction, crop rotation, seasons, scenarios, animal diseases, workers that you hire and quit if you work them too hard for too long, contractors, bins that only hold one fruit type, and best of all it had a real economy that if you made bad decisions could actually bankrupt you.

Sorry for the long rant tonight, but this all sparked from me seeing this awesome American bin sight on a mod map and then remembering "Oh yeah, it can hold 1 million liters total, but in Farming Simulator it is 1 million of each fruit type!" And by no means am I trying to rag on the game or hate it, I have over 100 days of game play between FS 17 and 19 and many more since FS 11 was released, but this is my pet peeve and I think with the placeable bins, it should have came with 1 bin equals 1 fruit type. Let me know what you guys think

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