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Ok so I’m playing on manager on felsburn but I changed the economy xml so I’m getting the easy economy price, i know it’s sort of cheating but I work all day on a real farm and don’t want to grind as much. ANYWAY so I own feild 19,20,18,17,9 11,12, and 13 when I bought 13 it had beets ready to top. So I leased the big harvester and had a go at it. It wasn’t that bad and since a poster here did the work of profit per acre beets @ 16k is better then my 8k with soybeans. It got me thinking I have the money to invest in starting a beet operation and I would just lease the harvesters I think because if the first load on feild 13 paid the lease costs then all of my other fields are going to do wonderful. I’ve also seen people post about chaffing corn and going that route. What say you all? I don’t play online is there an easier way to harvest a root crop? Like should I make a concrete pad and dump them all there then sell after? Or should I just get another air seeder and another combine and just grind faster? My ultimate goal is to “retire” buy the castle and raise/sell horses. I’m a bit disappointed that the largest John Deere tractor won’t pull the small air seeder, so I have the big bud. I’d like to have a single equipment line up but I really like the John Deere combine. And I’ve never played with the John Deere equipment before so it’s a fun change. I suppose I should find a 9r mod? That would pull the air seeder? Any good ones? Thanks!


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