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PC FS19 Maps, have any suggestions? (Med/Large fields, mostly squared)

FarmingSimulator19 6 - PC FS19 Maps, have any suggestions? (Med/Large fields, mostly squared)

I don't particularly like the three available Giants maps very much (Raven has funky fields and wasted space, and the other two don't feel like they have large enough fields on the top end). I've played on both Lone Oak and Sussex already, and while I like them a lot I find Lone Oak hard to work with for joining fields and making custom expansions and Sussex doesn't have enough larger fields on the top end again.

I'm not particularly looking for a 4x sized map but I'm open to it. I'd prefer non-American maps, and I particularly like eastern Europe and Russian flavors (I miss Sosnovka) but I'm really open to any area (even American although I live in American farmland and prefer to simulate elsewheres!) that can come close to these reqs:

Ample amount of Medium and Large fields that are mostly squared off/rectangles and right angles for AI (courseplay) ease. It's fine to have some landscape-shaped fields too but at least some being squared is good.

Joinable/expandable fields, this is the problem I seem to run into more often in maps, there are always unchangeable terrain features like fences and hedges which make customizing most fields impossible. I don't mind and actually like SOME of this but usually I run into countless claustrophobic field edges that cannot be improved, only shrunken down.


Has all base FS19 functions and field missions (trains optional) and doesn't require a big list of other mods to install alongside. A reasonable amount or more sell points is desireable too.

Doesn't have gameplay elements added that are non-functional or not working as intended; it's fine to have some global company stuff and interesting side pieces for new productions, but broken features that are taking up map space will bother me too much to actually use the map.

Doesn't feel empty/dead: I've gone through a few maps suggested in older threads from months ago and things like Welker Farms were suggested but I find that map extremely boring and empty and lifeless. I guess this is highly subjective but I figured I'd mention it; it's good to have some town areas, some of the scenery that tricks you into thinking there are other people on the map, etc.

A minor preference also for at least one central area with either prebuilt farm or room for creating a custom farm, but I can live with corner farms for the right map for sure.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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