Farming Simulator 19

Real Time server (x1) with Seasons – Looking for one farmer

FarmingSimulator19 5 - Real Time server (x1) with Seasons - Looking for one farmer

Hello there friendly farmers! We're Euro Real-Agro and we're a small virtual farming community. We're always looking for dedicated farmers and helpers to infuse some life into our virtual world. The more of us the better and lively it will look. We strive for a slower, more realistic and cooperative experience. The map is Birkenfeld an der Ostsee and we're on the third year of the map. Today (3rd of October) is the last day of winter, meaning it's the perfect opportunity for a new farmer to settle and start planting for the next season. We currently have 6 farms (10 players) with space for one more farmer.

We all have a private life and respect the fact that each and every one of us can’t log in as regularly as they wish, hence the real-time sync to allow everyone to do things as they wish and still have time for other real-life endeavours. We are interested in playing the game in a relaxed yet somewhat realistic way.

Whilst our core players are European, we welcome everyone. Note that our server is hosted in the E.U. however and this might have an impact on your performance. This is a real-time server synced to -3h GMT / -4h WEST / -5h CEST, which means if you are from another part of the world, you will get to play during the in-game night and not be able to play alongside other players.


Whilst this is not an RP server, please try and keep realism to an acceptable level. (no field-flipping or abusing in-game mechanics and contracts). We won't be policing your driving or how clean your equipment is, but please do not drive through fields or leave objects all around the map.

Word of advice: The server is set at hard economy and we use Seasons and many other realistic mods, which means the game might feel slow at times given the real-time, seasons and hard economy, specially at the start since there will not be much to do in the beggining; if you get bored, we strongly encourage you to reach out, help other players and explore every facet of the game. Since the current farmers have more money, some of us should/might be looking to contract other players as well for help. Settings and early days mean that vanilla in-game contracts and contracts between players also play an important part of our in-game economy at the moment.

We are looking to play with other people with the same interest and we wish for the experience to be enjoyable for everyone. Send me a PM so we can get in touch, and eventually to get the Discord link of our server, if you're interested.

Hope to see you there!

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