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FarmingSimulator19 10 - Safe mod sites.

I see it almost daily here "Where can I get a mod for X? Why is modsite X so shady?" Many posts that do provide useful info are buried and forgotten, even while searching. Whats worse is so many mod makers have it in their head they should use Facebook (blegh!) to create a community instead of relying on sites that already have a community hungry for their content (Reddit, Giants Software official site!)

So, lets fix that.


The big leagues! If your mod gets on here it WORKS. Drop the zip into the mod folder, launch game, enable it. Done.

(Arguably) the 800lb gorilla of Farmsimulator mod community. Minimal ads, most, if not all links for download aren't a maze of shady sites trying to get you to install malware. And as a bonus there are sub catagories you can search in to narrow down results. no scrolling endlessly to see if there's a seeder from a brand you want past the sea of "kuztom Jahn Deur!" recolors. Doesn't really have any substantial curation, you can list most popular downloads to be listed first.

A titan of a site, their mod list is small right now. But their hosting services (speeds) are arguably better than the FS offical modhub. Their curation tools built into the site work well once people begin to use it.


Another big mod site that's reasonably safe. Well sorted mods also. Doesn't really have any substantial curation, you can list most popular downloads to be listed first.

List of smaller sites and Forums

Smaller site, does have it's own Forum. They've hosted a few lesser known mods that were well done.

Makers of the Road Train pack for 17. Very well done and sorted mods for Multiplayer (In 17) They're working on mods for 19.

Read:  I give up.....Too many bugs!!!!

Passionate site that understands a good portion of the FS fans aren't of the mindset (yet) that the internet can and does screw with you < Proof!

US mod forums. If you want Pickup trucks they're worth a peek from what I remember.

German Mod site.

Another German site.

If anyone else knows of a mod site post it up! Lets get an actual usable list here and hopefully this post stickied so people can reference it

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