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Suggested list of changes to round out the game more

FarmingSimulator19 8 - Suggested list of changes to round out the game more

I was looking through the equipment the other day and feel that for the amount of effort put into the equipment AND the fact that this game is supposed to be a simulator, there need to be some changes to the system and some equipment tweaks to bring the game in line with these two issues I am seeing.

Problem 1: Cultivators and disks are useless unless the player is growing cotton.

  • Even with periodic plowing turned on, only corn, sunflower (though not stated), beets, potatoes and sugarcane require any kind of plowing.
  • All the subsoilers produce a cultivated condition as well as plowed condition. This means the next pass over the field is usually a seeder or planter.
  • 10 out of 12 seeders cultivate as well as seed. All the ones that don't cultivate are easily able to be pass over for the next size up.
    • Great Plains Planter is being moved to be a planter
    • Kuhn seeder can be paired with cultivator or subsoiler for 1 pass seeding/cultivating
  • Plows are really only needed to expand fields, which may be never depending on the player. Even then a cultivator nor disk is needed as the player can just use a seeder that cultivates and then start back with other crops.
  • Suggested changes
    • Grain crops (wheat, barley, oats, soybeans, canola) should need plowing every 3 harvests
    • Subsoilers should produce the plowed condition, not the cultivated condition. The exception is the Bednar FB
    • Move the Amazone Cenius 8003 to a subsoiler and add a 12m subsoiler that needs 500 hp.
    • Reduce hp requirements for cultivators to be more inline with disks on a per meter bases. There is no reason to ever buy a cultivator unless the player wants to go past 16m.
    • Remove direct seeding from Amazone Condor, the hp requirements nor the model suggest it is supposed to direct seed.
    • Bump up crop prices for planted crops (minus soybeans) by 20%. Bump up other grains by 10%.
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Problem 2: The handling of purchased consumables does not scale well. Buying seed and similar items from the store is a giant pain in the but once the player is in bigger equipment. The larger seeders need like 12 or more pallets of stuff to fill them. Suggested changes:

  • Put placable bins for each of the 5 consumables mod in the modhub and/or add stations around the map to pick up these items like with lime.
  • Allow auger wagons to carry lime
  • Allow tanker trailers to carry herbicide and liquid fertilizer
  • The game needs a larger lime spreader; preferably truck mounted

Problem 3: Several pieces of equipment do not work together in a logical manner. Even if this is buy design, some of it needs to change for quality of life of the player.

  1. Krone 1180 will only attach to small trailers, Krone 580 attaches to lots of trailers that accept forage. Bring 1180 in line with 580
  2. Sugarcane harvester can only pull small trailers. Change so that it can pull sugercane trailers except for Randon trailers.
  3. All three lizard trucks should be combined into one entry with the 3 cab/configuration options and the 3 engine options

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