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Why limit the mods

FarmingSimulator19 2 - Why limit the mods

Seems like farming simulator is trying to dictate who we can play with, first they tells us to get the new and improved farming simulator 2019 on PS4, then they do not tell you, no matter how much money you have spent and upgraded to largest 8 terabyte hard drive, plus 2 terabyte internal, you will never be able to download all the mods available, even though you have all the free space needed, even though you have paid for full game and season pass, even though it was not stated in agreement prior to buying the game this would be a limitation and no money back warranty is given should you not like the game. Nope they feel it very alright to limit console users from getting all the mods and thus limit who you can play with. Now if I see someone with a mod I do not have, my choice is uninstall one or more mods to get what he has, then should I want to play with a different buddy, with different mods again, I have to download those, but wait I first have to uninstall some to make room first, even those I have plenty, nope we got this fake full disk error to prevent us. Why, answer, answer it now, now, now , now ,now, now ,now ,now ,now ,now. Well where is my answer. Was my money not enough, was my upgrading my equipment to make room for all you crap not enough. So without even telling me, even though you spent 180 bucks to upgrade to a larger hard drive, you will not be able to download our mods and maps, so you can have a worry and trouble free time playing out game. Well Giant, you can kiss my #&$#()$ and my &$%&(%&(, and my @&$@($, and my #*(&&#(&)#. I could care less now about your game, I will consider your game not worth playing, never buy another game from your company, never play farming sim ever again, first off its not that great, it was interesting and moderately fun. Not worth the headaches of deciding what mods to get, what to keep and which guys I will exclude playing with due to your lame and retardant programming issues. Your issues should not be mine, so to fix it, I quit and wish I could get my money back. Should your company have any morales please email me and I will tell you how and were to mail my refund. I will be happy to delete the game and have it removed from my PS4 library and not have that junk associated with my account. Trust me I will have it removed even if you do not refund me, I do not want anyone knowing I even tried your load of fertilizer. It was a simply game, with simple concept. Drive a tractor around and pretend your some kind of farmer, simple. Buy the equipment and make some cash, simple. But you had to complicate this crap, with mods that changed like the wind, maps that changed like the wind, and guys with mods that were outdated, mods that you needed to have to play, and then limit the amount you can have, not due to actual disk space but to some fantasy disk space that is not even real. Are all of you there insane, no wait please don’t answer I already know the answer, YES YES YES YES YES YES YES you are. Please send me a refund I could care less now, I have a nice new upgraded hard drive and can go on playing many other games that do not make such retarded limitations as to whom I can play with and to how many mods I can have. This is simply retarded and not for me.


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