Farming Simulator 19

Would my other half enjoy this game?

FarmingSimulator19 3 - Would my other half enjoy this game?

Hi guys

Hope this is okay to post here, and I have looked online for the answer but can't find one definitively.

My other half has a real love/hate relationship with her PS4, works her arse off all week so doesn't get much time to master the learning curve, and is easily frustrated.. But when she does occasionally find a game she likes, she gets super addicted to them, and they're usually simulation/management games like this. I've gifted her a few in the past but they've been quite hit and miss. She loves the building element and just having to grind a lot of time in exchange for in game rewards really, but she isn't too keen on the tricky bits or "against the clock" nature of some games. Particularly in these sort of building games she can get very annoyed at the kind of "quickly build this in this spot so this person is happy" sort of thing, she just likes a lot of freedom to build in a game that takes a lot of grind for a pretty colourful reward at the end.


So I was wondering, do you think she'd like this game? The big question really is whether getting a great farm is:

-easy but time consuming

-down to completing tricky tasks

I think she'd love the former but I'm not so sure about the latter.

Thanks in advance for helping me buy for the fussiest gamer in the world 🙂 and again, apologies if this isn't okay on the page!

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