Farming Simulator 19

Would you be for or against more complexity in FS?

FarmingSimulator19 4 - Would you be for or against more complexity in FS?

I'm not an actual farmer, but I have been watching a ton of farmers on youtube and it seems to me that FS is extremely simplified compared to actual farming. I know it's a game and all, but it seems to me that a bit more complexity wouldn't hurt it.

Some areas of expansion I can think of (as a non farmer) include

Soil chemistry and how certain plants affect that, maybe even have NPK values for each field and different types of fertilizer that affect those values differently. This would lead to optimizing crop rotations and more thought given to what plants are planted where other than "this makes the most money." Furthermore, leaving a field alone for a while (4-6 plant "cycles" in game) would return the values to the field "default."

Mud: It seems to me that every farmer gets stuck…. pretty often. I'd love to have that problem in the game, where you have to bring in a tractor (or 3) to pull out a stuck tractor. Or maybe just incorporate a really strong winch into the game. This would increase the complexity of tire choice other than "dual wide tires provide the best grip but have worse turning radius"

Crop dryness: Sure, crops can be "ready to harvest" but it seems to me that tons actual farming depends on how wet the crops are. You COULD harvest early, but you'd get slightly less yield. Rain would obviously make the crops more wet, sunny days the opposite, etc.


Varied crop yields: More than just "oh you fertilized and limed the field correctly, therefore 100% yield" It'd be interesting to have "good" and "bad" years. Maybe have a little handheld tool that'll let you point at a field and it'll tell you how well it's growing, what the expected yield is, how dry it is, etc. As you can see, this all ties in to everything above.

You could even think about making things like combine header height affecting crop yield, if you run it into dirt you gotta get out and clean it out, combine settings (as a non farmer I have no idea what those are, but I'm pretty sure there are lots of settings for what I'm assuming are filter/sieve sizes, belt speeds, auger speeds, etc. )

Finally, I think FS could do with different brands of seeds. Maybe one year brand A does well while brand B sucks, and obviously there would be trends over time. Want to play it safe? Split the field and plant two different seeds. Etc etc.

Now, I'm a programmer (for fun) and have done quite a bit of modding for other games like skyrim and fallout, but only because it's so well documented. I took a look at the growth control lua script to see if I could implement the soil chemistry but I'm not just entirely sure where to start.

Anyway: TL:DR, would you like to see more complexity in FS?

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