“%Damage while aiming down sights” is insane… for now

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Hey guys, Whitesushi here. A few hours ago, fellow reddit user u/Skudd3r brought it to my attention that the perk "30% damage while aiming down sights" is giving a lot more damage than it should. As such, I ran a few tests in game and with the help of my calculator, I was able to derive the exact problem with the perk. So,

30% damage while aiming down sights

Would logically mean either

  • An additive increase of 30% to whatever %damage perks already on the weapon
  • Or a multiplicative increase of 30% to the weapon's final damage

Turns out, the result was none of these and instead

  • An additive increase of 72% to whatever %damage perks already on the weapon

This value has been found to be precise where I got exact per shot damage on my weapon when I calculated the perk as a 72% damage increase in my calculator. I don't know how Epic Games ended up with 72% honestly :v

So what does this mean?

Clearly it is bugged and likely unintended. However, that's not what I am interested in. What I am interested in is how this perk compares to the other perks especially elemental damage. In case you don't know, this perk occupies the same "slot" as elemental damage perks. In other words by rolling this perk on your weapon, you can't get an element on it unless your weapon has innate elements. That said, here's what the numbers look like

  • Against a fire husk, a water Siegebreaker would do 100% more damage than a normal variant and 49.25% more than the energy variant (most people already know this)

  • However if we replace the energy roll with "30% damage while aiming down sights", the water Siegebreaker is now only 27.91% higher in terms of damage (as opposed to previous 49.25%). In other words, this perk is single-handedly better than %energy.

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Still not convinced?

  • If we just pit a normal weapon with this perk against another weapon with energy against a water husk, the %DWADS weapon will do 16.69% more damage than the energy weapon

And that's not even the best part. Imagine you now have 2 weapons with innate fire element (for example Dragon's Roar). If you roll an energy line on one of them and %damage while aiming down sights on the other, the damage difference to different husks is shown in this table below

Weapon Normal Fire Nature Water
Fire + Energy 7.44%
Fire + DWADS 56.36% 24.72% 33.64%

As you can see, it pretty much goes back and forth between the two. However, the fire + DWADS weapon not only comes on top in the important scenarios against normal and nature husks which it is meant to deal with, the %increase to damage is also a lot more substantial


What should the normal numbers look like?

If you are currently sitting on the fence about this and don't really know if you should go ahead since it might be nerfed, then hopefully this section will give you better insights. I'm just going to drop you three tables in the same format as the one above

Weapon Normal Fire Nature Water
Energy 13.38% 13.38% 13.38%
DWADS 18.18%
Weapon Normal Fire Nature Water
Fire 13.38% 69.23%
DWADS 18.18% 136.36%
Weapon Normal Fire Nature Water
Fire + Energy 6.08% 42.15%
Fire + DWADS 18.18% 1.01%

As you can see, the perk definitely isn't the greatest in its intended working state but I'm just going to leave you guys with the numbers and you can decide as you deem fit

Quick wrap up

Until this perk is fixed, it is the second best perk in the game. In fact, it is very much comparable to counter-element weapons (or at least it isn't that much behind) given its 27.91% difference. Honestly if we really want to talk about perfect guns at the moment, it should no longer be

  • Innate element + energy
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but rather

  • Innate element + %DWADS

That said, whether or not it's worth it to level yours up is entirely up to you. At the moment, the numbers don't match up so it's either going to get fixed/ nerfed in the future. We just don't know when.

TL;DR Calculations for %damage while aiming down sights is "bugged" and works as though it's a 72% additive increase to other %damage perks

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