10+ new fortnitemares quests? Vlad BOSS?

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After someone found this: I started digging in to storm shield one's data base too and I got some new quests probably for halloween event In "limitedTimeEvent" category (all have candy icon):






  • That is interesting "It’s a destructive season, Commander. Time to create Pumpkin Warheads. You will need them to create the Jack-O-Launcher schematic. Go to the Vault, select Transform, and then select the Pumpkin Warhead. You will need to consume some items and candy to make them. Once you have created enough Pumpkin Warheads, select Transform and create the Jack-O-Launcher schematic. Once you've crafted the Jack-O-Launcher, go fight the Lobbers!" "Pumpkin Warheads"? Quest item? We will be able to create Jack-O-Launcher schematic? #5: #6:
  • "We’ve got reports of husks wearing costumes… and it’s really, really bad for morale." New husk look like? #7: #8: In "LTE_Fortnitemares" category: All have "temp" and I dont remember these quests (I think they are new): #9: #10: #11: That's HUUUGE. I am soo hype for that:
  • It's called "(TEMP) New Vlad Quest" – I think they'll change name of it. Description says: "Eliminate Vlad in a successful mission" Is it possible that we are going to get our first true boss, that will be Vlad??? (Mission have skull icon, like all boss quests). What do you think?

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