111 Quality of Life Suggestions for STW

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - 111 Quality of Life Suggestions for STW

Before the game goes F2P I think it's important to not only fix the major bugs but to also polish the user experience. With that said here is the list of Quality of Life improvements that would make the STW experience better for all players. Special thanks to u/loltotally for helping me put this list together. If we missed anything or if you disagree with any of our suggestions let us know in the comments. We tried to sort them as best as possible so the order is not of importance but rather to keep like ideas together.

  1. Allow us to earn or purchase additional Backpack and Storage slots in the event store for gold or v-bucks.
  2. Allow us to block players from matching us in public missions.
  3. Give players 5% extra bonus rewards for each thumbs up at the end of a mission for a max of 15%.
  4. Allow us to one click exit at the end of a mission back to the main game hub.
  5. Allow us to pin specific mission rewards similar to pinning quests so we can quickly see which missions have the rewards we are looking for or let us choose the rewards for each mission.
  6. Add the base reward amount for each mission reward for every mission similar to how the mission alert rewards are displayed. A note can be added saying the amounts are the base and can be lower or higher depending on player performance in the mission.
  7. Add a tab for Husks that show their HP, Impact threshold and how much damage they deal at each PL at which we have encountered them as well as miscellaneous stats such as a Lobber can throw two types of projectiles and can throw them X number of tiles.
  8. Add a Test Range option to the SSD menu that allows us to spawn each type of husk and at each PL we have encountered to test Hero Loadouts, Weapon Builds and Trap Tunnel builds.
  9. Incorporate the changes to Lobbers and Flingers discussed in this post.
  10. Display players Hero Loadouts and Gadgets in the lobby.
  11. Make the initial hero spawns near the mission objective in defense based missions.
  12. Allow for instant upgrade of building structures before the mission objective begins. Place a structure, click to upgrade to tier 2 then click again to upgrade to tier 3 with upgrades occurring instantly.
  13. Allow us to remove traps from a structure without breaking the structure.
  14. Allow us to toggle on/off auto trap placement.
  15. Give controller players the option to customize button binds like they can in Battle Royale.
  16. Allow the BASE ability to be custom bound or remove it from the Trap wheel and add it to the menu at the bottom of the screen where it resided prior to the Hero rework.
  17. By default have the most frequently used hero abilities in the first ability slot if the hero has that ability. The most obvious is Phase Shift for Outlanders. Alternatively allows us to customize the binds for each ability for each hero.
  18. Add two additional weapon slots for a total of five (the same as BR).
  19. Allow us to place beacons on the map like we can in BR.
  20. Add an optional ping noise when someone types in chat that can be toggled on or off.
  21. While on the Hoverboard allow us to build structures, collect items, harvest with our pickaxe and use our weapons.
  22. Auto pick-up blu-glo unless it is a Troll at which point it will spawn as we walk over the blu-glo.
  23. Increase farming rate for building resources in all missions by 100% and an additional 100% in Resupply missions.
  24. Make all resources gained from farming or dropped by enemies zone appropriate including in SSDs (i.e. no more Stringy Twine in Twine Peaks missions or SSDs).
  25. Make all plants without flowers always drop one fibrous herb with a small chance of getting two.
  26. Make all plants with flowers always drop flowers.
  27. Make all small rocks drop one rough ore and one mineral powder, medium rocks drop two of each and large rocks drop three of each.
  28. Reduce the drop rate of Nuts 'n Bolts from all mechanical objects (appliances, vehicles, vending machines, etc.) and increase the drop rate of mechanical parts with a guarantee of at least one.
  29. Add a trading menu for players to trade building and crafting materials (not weapons) or add a place for players to buy and sell building and crafting resources (for reference Deep Rock Galactic is game we play that has this feature).
  30. Add the effective PL to Traps and Weapons and display the effective stats vs the stats they would be at the correct PL based on the PL of the mission similar to how the player PL is shown when playing in zones below their PL. This will show new players that a PL130 weapon does far less damage in Stonewood than Twine Peaks.
  31. When entering the menu to craft weapons or traps in a mission default to the star level associated with the zone. Stonewood would be 1 star, Plankerton would be 2 star, Canny Valley would be 3 star, Twine Peaks PL76-100 would be 4 star and PL108-140 would be 5 star.
  32. Increase the stack size for Nuts ‘n Bolts to 1,000.
  33. Increase the stack size for Adhesive Resin, Batteries, Fibrous Herbs, Flowers, Rough Ore and Wood Planks to 500.
  34. Allow us to destroy items in storage without having to transfer them to our backpack.
  35. Allow us to build 1 tile above the van in Ride the Lightning missions rather than the current 3 tiles.
  36. End Rescue the Survivor missions when the last Survivor is rescued.
  37. Remove the Storm from Resupply missions.
  38. In Resupply missions add level appropriate resources to the Supply Crate mission objectives.
  39. Add mechanical parts and mineral powder as base rewards for Resupply missions.
  40. Increase the number of Radar Towers in Build the Radar missions to 10 and increase the minimum number to be built to 5 and scale the rewards up for each additional radar built or if kept as it is now end the mission when the fifth radar is built.
  41. Increase the module installation speed for each module collected.
  42. Allow us to start the defense for Evacuate the Shelter missions after a vote instead of waiting for the timer to countdown.
  43. Add additional character models for Survivors so we aren't rescuing the same Survivor 3 or 4 times in the same mission.
  44. Convert Hit the Road into a normal mission but cut it in half to fit with the time to complete of other missions in the game.
  45. Reduce the number of Refuel the Homebase missions, have them always have a mission alert and allow us to use the blu-glo collected for future missions.
  46. Reduce Storm Chest Spawns but increase the difficulty and rewards.
  47. Count husks that are pushed off the map or are pushed into a pit that despawn towards the combat score.
  48. By default sort Completed Main quests by zone and in chronological order.
  49. Add other Completed quests in a separate section (i.e. event quests, side quests, etc.) and sort by zone and chronologically.
  50. Increase all base rewards when increasing the difficulty of a non group mission and make the incremental increases higher for each additional level of difficulty. Currently only the gold reward is increased and with each increase the incremental increase is less.
  51. Have repeatable quests rollover within a mission. For example you enter a mission with 47/50 Mist Monster eliminations after eliminating three the counter resets and starts over again.
  52. Remove XP as mission alerts and base rewards in PL108 to PL140 missions.
  53. Have only one group mission at each PL in Twine with each giving a different base reward.
  54. Remove missions with no alerts or add alerts to all missions (almost no one plays the missions without alerts).
  55. Ensure that at least one of each main quest mission type is available at the appropriate PLs (occasionally players cannot advance through the main quests in Plankerton or Canny Valley because the mission type they need does not exist).
  56. Do not allow players to skip main quests in order to rush SSDs.
  57. Add permanent reward bonuses for all missions for completing Endurance modes in your own SSD. Stonewood adds 5%, Plankerton adds 10%, Canny Valley adds 15% and Twine Peaks adds 20%. Bonuses will be cumulative so completing all four will give players a 50% reward bonus in all missions.
  58. Add each type of Perk-up, Re-perk, each type of Flux, each type of Evolution resource and each type of manual/design to the Event store at the start of each new Event.
  59. Remove Elemental perks as mission alert rewards.
  60. Remove Rare People, Schematics and Transform Keys from Twine mission alerts.
  61. Remove Epic People, Schematics and Transform Keys from PL100 and up missions.
  62. Add event specific Heroes and Schematics to the Transform Key pools.
  63. Allow us to combine Transform Keys into better Transform Keys or allow us to recycle them for the equivalent resources as recycling a Person or Schematic of that rarity.
  64. Add an option that can be toggled on and off to auto recycle/retire items (People and Schematics) for each level of rarity that we receive from llamas and missions.
  65. Highlight items obtained from llamas and Transform Keys that are not in our Collection Book.
  66. Add an option to place items from llamas and Transform Keys directly into the Collection Book from the llama opening or transform screen similar to how we can batch recycle/retire them.
  67. Add a count to each item card from opened llamas and Transform Keys similar to the one that appears when we are given a choice to allow us to quickly determine if we can put it in the Collection Book or recycle/retire it.
  68. Scale the Collection Book rewards for higher levels. Currently there is little incentive to go beyond level 100. Also add bonus rewards for completing pages.
  69. Increase the resources earned from Expeditions or reduce the time it takes to complete the Expeditions and add tier 5 resources to Expeditions.
  70. By default on the Hero selection screen sort Heroes alphabetically and also allow us to also sort by hero perk (i.e. Dragon Slash buffs, Grenade buffs, etc.).
  71. Add mini-quest lines for each Mythic Hero so new players don't have to miss out on their team perks and so players that have them can get an extra for the Collection Book.
  72. Allow us to name our Hero Loadout slots.
  73. Allow us to earn or purchase additional Hero Loadout slots (preferably one per Hero).
  74. Add an option to auto-fill Hero support roles similar to the Survivor Squad auto-fill that will fill supports with heroes that buff the Commanders abilities. This will not be the best way to choose supporting heroes but it will help new players until they learn the game.
  75. Add 9 Survivor Squad Loadouts (1 for each of the current support bonuses plus one flex) similar to Hero Loadouts.
  76. Rework Survivor Support bonuses so that Trap Durability is not the only one that has a meaningful impact on our stats.
  77. Add a slider that allows us to level People (Defenders, Heroes and Survivors) and Schematics up to Level 50 if we have the required resources. Also include a table that shows the amount of each required resource before and after the leveling that adjusts as the slider moves.
  78. Allow us to reset People and Schematics at any time and recoup the resources invested.
  79. Remove the restriction of choosing the Ore or Crystal evolution path and let us choose which to use when crafting our weapons.
  80. Add a stats preview on the Schematic Re-perking screen that shows the before and after for each perk option before a player changes the perk.
  81. For Abilities and Gadgets show both the Base and actual damage (based on our Tech Score and Hero Loadout). Currently some show Base Damage while others show actual damage.
  82. Remove Re-perk as a requirement to perk-up a perk.
  83. After re-perking a perk unlock the perk so we can change it to the other perks for that slot without additional cost.
  84. Allow us to unlock the Fire, Nature and Water element perks using Fire-up, Amp-up and Frost-up and craft the weapon with any of the elements we have unlocked (but only one at a time). Currently many players have an abundance of Amp-up, Fire-up and Frost-up because they make most weapons Energy or Physical.
  85. Reduce cooldown time on the following gadgets: Adrenaline Rush, Airstrike, Proximity Mines and Supply Drop.
  86. Make slow field throwable like grenades but with a one tile maximum distance instead of the three tiles for grenades.
  87. Make the resources dropped from the Supply Crate gadget zone appropriate and increase the number of resources it drops. For example in Twine it should only drop tier 4 (up to PL100 missions) or tier 5 (PL108 and up) mechanical parts, mineral powder and twine in addition to level appropriate traps, ammo or general building and crafting resources.
  88. Reduce the cooldown on the Rosie ability to 90 seconds and have the cooldown clock begin as soon as it is placed. If a second Rosie is placed by the same Constructor the first will despawn.
  89. Allow us to cancel out of the Goin’ Commando and Lefty Righty abilities and have the cooldown reduced by the time remaining on those abilities when cancelled.
  90. Reduce the cooldown on Smoke Bomb to 35 seconds.
  91. Change Deep Pockets from Smoke Bomb Energy Reduction to increased Damage (25% Standard / 75% Commander).
  92. Add a Ninja with a hero perk for increased Smoke Bomb duration.
  93. For the Present Arms hero perk make the presents three colors to distinguish what they are buffing. Blue for movement speed, red for damage and green for energy.
  94. For the Pull the Pin hero perk add either an impact increase or chance to stun. This perk is very underwhelming with just an energy reduction.
  95. Change Where’s Lefty to each elimination with Lefty Righty increases its duration (similar to Bass Solo).
  96. For the Explosive Optimization hero perk add either an impact increase or chance to stun. This perk is very underwhelming with just an energy reduction.
  97. Change the name for Faster Explosions to Heavier Explosions.
  98. For the Plasma Overdrive hero perk add either an impact increase or chance to stun. This perk is very underwhelming with just an energy reduction.
  99. Add a Constructor with the Overclocked Traps hero perk.
  100. Add a Constructor with reduced building cost (10% Standard / 30% Commander).
  101. Change the hero perk for Jingle Jess from Bear with Me to Diamond Llama.
  102. Add an Outlander with a hero perk for TEDDY snare.
  103. Add an Outlander with a hero perk for double loot chance.
  104. Increase Iron Knuckles damage from 75% Standard / 225% Commander to 150% Standard / 450% Commander.
  105. Increase Parting Gift damage from 3 Base Damage Standard / 9 Base Damage Commander to 9 Base Damage Standard / 27 Base Damage Commander.
  106. Allow us to rename our Homebase once for free. Additional name changes will cost 20 v-bucks (the same as the CB unslot cost).
  107. Allow us to choose the weapons on the wall on the Armory screen.
  108. Allow us to choose a different pickaxe, emotes and music in STW rather than having the same for BR and STW.
  109. Allow us to choose to show/hide the Head Accessory and Backpack for each individual Commander rather than it being all or nothing.
  110. Allow us to choose the skin for our Hero if we have alternate rarities in our Armory or Collection Book (i.e. Uncommon, Rare and Epic versions).
  111. Allow us to choose any of the appearances of a Hero that changes appearance when evolved to a higher star level that we have unlocked for example teen wolf for Dire even if he has been evolved to two star or higher.

TL;DR: STW has a lot of things that need to be polished before going F2P.

If we missed anything or you disagree with any of the above suggestions let us know in the comments below.

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