2 ideas straight from the comments on demonjoefrance’s YouTube post (plus my personal suggestion)

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - 2 ideas straight from the comments on demonjoefrance's YouTube post (plus my personal suggestion)
  1. Shields as a weapon type Great idea here, especially considering potential 6th spot perks. First ones that come to mind are reflecting damage back to husks, certain amount of hits enable a mini shockwave, absorb damage and put a percentage of it into next ranged/melee hit. A Hydraulic shield with high impact would be sweet. Heavy attack prompt would be simply holding up the shield to block damage, basic attack would be as expected, series of hits like other melee weapons. Running with a shield can activate a running shield bash. Think Cap's shield from the Avengers mode, or the Kingsman from BR.

  2. Variety / Optional Changes in Skills; ex. having Dragon Slash be an uppercut, or having several weaker slashes Another great idea here. The skills we've had for years are feeling stagnant, and there's a lot more we could do with them. Seismic Smash could be in a cone shape, and you could also change the ratio of Damage to Impact. Lefty and Righty could be double barrel shotguns instead of pistols. Grenades could be sticky grenades, or tear gas (basically throwable gas traps). Smoke Bomb could be throwable, and could do fire damage. TEDDY could have explosive weapons instead of SMGs. Decoys could move around and shoot like the clone ability in Borderlands 3. ROSIE could be AI controlled and could shoot lobber projectiles. These would all be optional. Think of Destiny 2 as a reference of skill customization.


MY Suggestion – New powers, new class of heroes called Supers The blockbuster event got me thinking, what if we had superheroes in this game? And what about superpowers? The Saints Row 4 powers are what comes to mind – Buffs, Blasts, Stomps, Telekinesis. Telekinetics, Blasters, Brutes(Stompers), Leaders(Buffers) could all be subclasses of Supers. Buffers would be especially helpful right now due to the Chrome Husks. Weather controlling (think of 3 different powers – thunderstorm summoning for damage, hailstorm summoning for slowing down & freezing husks, and tornado summoning for impact against husks) and having Buffs other than elemental ones (think of damage boosts, armor boosts or maybe even a force field, speed boosts) could also be their own subclasses. Some of the Ultimate abilities from Overwatch could be implemented into the current heroes we have now. Death Blossom and 76's Tactical Visor for Soldiers, Tracer's bomb and Zarya's Graviton Surge for Outlanders, Hanzo's Arrow Ultimate and Pharah's Rocket Barrage but with kunai and throwing stars for Ninjas, Junkrat Rip Tire and Reinhardt Hammer Slam for Constructors.

I know Epic won't see this and/or notice it, I just had these ideas with nowhere else to post them. Hope u enjoyed reading.

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