4.2 Commonly Asked Questions

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Hey guys, Whitesushi here. 4.2 was a big patch bringing about drastic changes to game mechanics. It is no wonder that people would have several doubts about their weapons or just the game in general. As such, I made a post compiling some of the most commonly asked questions from my other thread's comments (for those who are too lazy to dig for answers) as well as from my Reddit inbox….. and of course try to answer them (Like what, obviously)

Now before you ask me why I made a separate post for this. It's because I already answered most of those then and there but I'm still getting new questions on the same subjects so why not just make a separate post where more people will read it (rather than digging through comments for it) and I can add on some additional points to my original answers. Hopefully, it also helps others who originally did not have a question on the particular subject but gets some decent information out of reading it anyway

1. Magazine Size or Reload

Well first thing you notice is that these 2 perks give the same result when calculating the damage per second of your weapons. Putting it simply, they are identical in "value". However, there are a few things you want to take note of when choosing between the two. First, you want to know

  • If your hero gives more reload or magazine

If your hero already gives reload, stacking more reload on top of that results in diminishing returns (not the same hard-coded way as critical rating). In that case, magazine is better and vice versa. Another thing you want to take note of is the weapon you are looking at. For

  • Most weapons, reload is better because in practice, players rarely find themselves only reloading when their magazines are empty. As such, reload perk has a "100% uptime" since everytime you reload, you tap onto the bonus but magazine doesn't

  • For weapons that can reload after every shot (Super Shredder), magazine size is better. If we do some quick maffs on the example of Super Shredder

    Magazine Perk = 6 (Reload) / 14 (Magazine Size) = 0.43
    Reload Perk = 3.5 (Reload) / 8 (Magazine Size) = 0.44

The above shows that the weapon not only reloads faster per round (0.43s) when using the magazine size perk, you also get an indirect benefit being the option to take more shots before having to reload

2. What do you think about energy?

As it is at the moment, there's no need for energy because any of your specific element weapons can be your all-rounder weapon. Energy literally has no advantage over specific elements. Missions are generally broken down into 2 phases

  • Farming Phase
  • Defense Phase

You will only encounter one element in each phase (or no element at times). As such, running specific elements will only require you to switch weapon once when going from the farming > defense phase. Let's give an example

  • Farming phase (Nature)
  • Defense phase (Fire)

I would take out my fire gun and run around during the farming phase. This fire weapon would do exactly the same damage to normal husks as energy but do more to nature. Once the defense phase starts. I change my weapon to a water gun. Again, this water weapon would do exactly the same damage to normal husks as energy but do more to fire. Thus, your element weapon can basically be your energy weapon

However, energy isn't really obsolete

You can technically argue that over-kill damage is wasted damage and energy can perform equally as well as counter-element. However, that's not a good reason because energy has no inherent advantage over elements and with perk re-rolls in place, you can basically get elements on all your weapons. In fact, the only point worth arguing for in this instance is if you are running energy on a separate path… like you know, Obsidian to split your resource consumption between the 2

3. Should I convert my legacy weapons?

Firstly, do not convert all your legacy weapons, not even 'most' for that matter. You don't need 58149185 weapons to play the game and converting all your weapons put a strain on your re-roll materials which takes time to farm up. There is simply no good reason to convert more than a handful of legacy weapons.

Well technically there is since converting more legacy weapons would give you more opportunities to get a weapon with good level 25 perk (see more about this down below) but I still wouldn't recommend it

What I would instead recommend is to convert a few your worst rolled legacy weapons and just build them up to becoming godly ones.


That being said, new weapons would beat legacy weapons 95% of the time. I haven't done the precise math on this yet (since my comparisons calculator isn't updated) but some rough calculations show that you need your legacy weapon to be made up of godly compositions (like triple crit chance + double crit damage) and with reasonable rarities for it to even stand a chance. However, this shouldn't be reason enough for converting all/most of your legacy weapons

4. Why is DMG/HEADSHOT so good compared to CRIT/CRIT DAMAGE stack?

Firstly, critical rating is weaker now due to diminishing returns and raw damage is stronger (buffed up to 30% from 20%) but you guys already know that. Here's the other thing that's interesting.

  • % Damage is a multiplier
  • % Crit Rating + % Crit DMG forms up a multiplier together
  • % Headshot damage is a multiplier

With only 2 slots where you can roll any combinations of these 4 perks (at level 5 and at level 15), it is obvious that rolling both perks into 2 separate multipliers is going to be superior to rolling both perks into 1 multiplier. Even if we were to do it mathematically assuming a weapon with 100 damage, 10% base critical chance, 50% base critical damage, 50% base headshot, the weapon will do

  • 100 * ( 1 + 0.38 * 1.8 + 0.5 ) = 218.4 (DMG/Shot with Crit Setup)
  • 100 * 1.3 * ( 1 + 0.1 * 0.5 + 0.5 ) * 1.4 = 282.1 (DMG/Shot with HS/DMG Setup)

Of course, this is over simplifying things

Stacking %damage on top of the %damage on the element and level 20 slot might result in some diminishing returns (not hard-coded ones) and will make it less effective. Running heroes with innate crit rating/crit damage in main and support would also scale better with the crit setup. The possibilities are endless which is why I encourage you to use the calculator and run the numbers yourself

5. Energy or Physical?

For a general purpose weapon and mathematically speaking

  • Energy weapon does 120 to physical and 80.4 to elemental
  • Physical weapon does 144 to physical and 72 elemental

To find enemy composition where a is the % of elemental enemies,

144 * (1 - a) + 72a = 120 * (1 - a) + 80.4a 144 - 144a + 72a = 120 - 120a + 80.4a 144 - 72a = 120 -39.6a 24 = 32.4a a = 0.74 

Essentially, you need 74% of enemies to be elemental for the energy weapon to be generally better. The result is up to you to decide. However, u/blahable made a really good point where he stated that

The value of energy isn't about 'average' damage though, it's that it increases worst-case damage output

The idea is that you don't need too much damage to kill the enemies that don't matter but you need all the damage you can get for the ones that do (elemental smashers). That's a perfectly logical point and definitely gives energy an edge over physical in that regard. However, in view of this, I still lean towards physical just because a player can just start up another elemental weapon eventually and be set for the cough 'ideal setup' cough but if you are truly lazy and only wants to run 1 weapon, then by all means play energy

6. Best Perks?

Read my other post

7. Affliction or bust?

If we just look at this table, your choice of perks for the level 20 slot really depends on what you get on the level 25 slot (which you have no control over). Obviously,

  • If you get affliction, you take %damage to afflicted
  • If you get snare, you take %damage to slowed/ snared
  • Otherwise, just take %damage to mist monster/ boss

Nothing much to talk about really since it's not like you can do anything about the level 25 perk. However if you can choose between 2 weapons (with different 25 perks), then affliction is better since it squeezes out more damage and I like damage as opposed to crowd control

8. DPS/ DMG/Shot?

Time-to-kill is actually the most "accurate" way of measuring damage numbers. However the calculator isn't setup for that at the moment, not yet at least. That said between the other 2

  • DMG/Shot is more relevant for regular husks ('feels better' stat)
  • DPS is more relevant for tankier enemies (mist enemies)

Personally, I prefer damage/shot just because DPS is essentially making up for damage by using more bullets which I'm not a fan of

9. 'Ideal Setup' ?

1 Fire, 1 Water 1 Nature & 1 Physical weapon

10. Ideal perks on traps and melee weapons?

Not yet but it's pretty cool that you can roll 6 lines on your traps

11. Weapon stability or Weapon durability?

Lol no

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