4.2 In depth performance comparison STW vs BR.

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I believe it is well known by now that 4.2 has more than destroyed STW performance. (and if this is in fact unknown to you, I shall refer you to another post by me:
(Settings: high’ish, 1080p)

BR has been recorded in the current 20vs20vs20vs20vs20 mode for both charts.

(just FYI: when looking at the graphs, the very beginning and the very end of each should not be taken into account as it is mainly loading screen/end game recordings or tabing in/out to start/stop recording, which has no relevance)

(PC Specs: i7 3770 @4.1GHZ – HT On, 16GB 1600mhz RAM, GTX 970, SSD 850 Evo for OS + Fortnite, OS: win7, all drivers up to date as of 1.6.2018 )

What we see on the graphs is that STW, at its very best & only outside of objective defences, runs just barely as “good” as BR does on its worst.


Further STW has very inconsistent overall framerates and on the frame times you can measure a massive +60ms framespike almost every 30 seconds, while in BR those spikes are rather rare and appear only once every 2 minutes. (and as I believe the spikes in BR are mostly bound to the storm moving)

We can of course also see that thanks to 4.2 the FPS in STW are not only all over the place but also reach new performance lows for no apparent reasons. In comparison to BR, STW offers less than half of the FPS, while also needing more CPU power on higher graphic settings.

So what's the point of this post? To show how poorly STW is optimised in comparison to BR. It's the same game, it's the same engine and honestly STW should be less demanding than BR to begin with. So maybe, just maybe this post will get the attention that this issue deserves and maybe EPIC will finally optimise STW at least to a degree that one can play FPS lag & stutter free on at least fixed 60 FPS.

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