4-Player Quad-Atlas Missions, a Basic Guide

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - 4-Player Quad-Atlas Missions, a Basic Guide

For those players new to the game, unfamiliar with mission modifiers, or just too lazy/unmotivated to care, I offer this short guide as a primer before embarking on a 4-player Quad-Atlas mission.

Step 1: Read and understand the modifiers. Pay attention to the element of husks and whether there is metal corrosion or wall weakening. Know the difference and how to counter these modifiers.

Step 2: Equip an appropriate hero and equipment. Ninja and exploding deathburst, no thanks. Fire weapon against water husks, just no! Pick the right to tool for the job.

Step 3: Don't assume because you have high power level players in your lobby that they know what they are doing. You can play poorly but consistently for 8 months and make PL above 100 easily. The person you assume is competent could be the village idiot.

Step 4: Use traps and pathing to reduce the amount of trigger spamming you need to do to keep the horde at bay. This is not your normal mission, don't treat it as such.

Step 5: Use a defender (as many as possible). You cannot be in all places at once. A defender leveled up to the mission is essential to cover your six while you are trying to shore up that approach that you missed and now husks are swarming an Atlas.

Now, a cautionary tail.

Picture if you will, a legendary survivor tucked away in a PL94 Quad-Atlas 4-Player. Commanders rushing to the scene to throw in their hat at the prospect of boosting their squads.

It was a scene such as this that I found myself in this morning. Me, an Enforcer (don't hate) accompanied by Kyle, Harper, and Ramirez.


We arrive at the scene and some building has already started. As usually, the easiest to defend get picked first and a basic pyramid is thrown up without too much thought to mission modifiers (exploding deathburst, wall weakening, water element). This is the perfect situation to build a stone pyramid (not)!

The last Atlas, which was below level of the others and on the edge of a ramp, took a reverse pyramid of T3 metal with floor launchers under the reverse stairs and zappers above the ceiling.

Just as this gets finished and before any other defenses are put up, someone starts the vote. Certainly we're not ready yet? Alas, the vote prevails and the slug fest commences.

Not long after the stone pyramid starts collapsing under the feet of it's fine Constructor and the Soldier is unable to stem the tide with their rifle and grenades. I drop a slow field and a TEDDY to provide cover, but this action has taken my attention from the other Atlas and now the lobbers are clobbering the roof.

Just as I am attending to the roof situation, out comes our friendly Mini-boss who begins molesting the newly repaired stone pyramid. Oy mashuguna! What will we do now?

No one seems to have paid a lick of attention to the mission modifiers and now the village idiots have put us in a position to fail the mission, and fail we do.

Please play at least some rudimentary attention to mission modifiers and know what they will do to affect the mission environment.



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