40+ people can’t play Fortnite anymore, some for months

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Hey everyone!

I hated seeing these types of posts, and was afraid of being in it. Alas, 4.4 update has forced me to make one.

There are over 40+ people who cannot play the game due to Infinite loading bug. We literally cannot play any missions at all. Some players have been facing this issue since patch 3.6.

This issue has affected PC, Mac, PS4, and XBOX. Steps I have tried to solve it: 1 – Reinstall Fortnite (Windows) 2 – Reinstall Windows then Install Fortnite 3 – Install fortnite on Mac 4 – Change DNS settings – Google, Cloudflare

Some of us get "Failed to lock profile" after long loading. Some on the other hand get stuck on loading. When I try on Mac, I waited 60 minutes to load before giving up, whereas on Windows, a private pl3 atlas mission loaded after 35minutes.

Using a different ISP leads to loading time of <1minute. We all have have logs, ready for Epic to see, but unfortunately, Epic hasnt responded since 39 days, not even asking for logs or if they are working on it.


Mailing support leads to this email after a month:

Hello XX,

Thanks for contacting Epic Games Player Support. We currently are not aware of any issues that would result in what you have described. To best track this issue, we recommend submitting a bug report from the in-game menu.

To do so, use the following steps. xxx

Here is the growing list of people affected. If you are affected too, leave a message below to get added:

DaRealBigTasty, Decoyofham, TinyHodor, tseko50, MrTvkl, Mrwhiteq7, yFuzionBR, IxP9, ChEeToMuNcHeR, The RKane One, BrainThings, MAugustoRZ, Pr0oN0oX, Oren_am, Killerillo, MaDk96, Liorenze, heyyitsleonie, Mikiish77, Talaria101, Rxc3xaaxc3xaacxc3xaay, pillepallemachen, FunTox, Daniel Queruba, BABYPUNCHER1g, ItsFrostbyte, yang_s_d, Tech 49, mmgunners10, NanoBlocks, BombTaco, ItsXReloadz, Rappelsau, Meta-GoD, FleaScope, Azragarn, Grimshaw, TAUANA__TS, SineC2000, vlegendNapie, Xaobo

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