5 Ways To Improve Fortnite Save The World

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - 5 Ways To Improve Fortnite Save The World

Allow me to lay out solutions, step by step, that can bring Fortnite to it's maximum potential. I'm just gonna jump right in to this one.

FROSTNITE – I've made posts about this topic recently, but it would be very good for players to have the Frostnite mission structure available year round. The mode should be available at all times and the map layout and aesthetics only should change to match the current seasons theme.

(I feel this would benefit streamers as it's the only mode that STW has on offer that benefits content creators and can go head to head with BR, the Frostnite mission type itself is fun for both early game and late game players and fills a gap that Endurance and Hit The Road just does not.)

SAVE THE WORLD RARITY – I do not know exactly how Epic is going to implement outfits and wraps, but it's my recommendation that anything that comes from Save The World and is part of the Save The World set should be it's own unique rarity. Like the Dark rarity and the Marvel rarity in BR. I suggest a light blue for the color of the rarity.

(I feel this would make things a lot simpler when it comes to cosmetics going forward in the future, and simultaneously gives STW players their own sense of uniqueness amongst the Fortnite community. The Axehammer and Laser Pick pickaxes being only uncommon rubbed people the wrong way and this is a remedy for that kind of situation.)

WARGAMES CHANGES – Restore Husk Swarm as a modifier for Wargames and change the rewards back to their previous values however do not give out seasonal tickets as rewards for Wargames.

(I feel that AFK Wargames was a fun mission type, and rewarded long time players greatly, but it was the summer ticket grind for birthday llamas that made people go overboard and ignore the core missions. Without tickets as a reward AFK Wargames would be worth playing as an alternative to regular missions, but not an absolute must like before.


Either do that or give no rewards at all and make Wargames more of an actual simulation for trying out new weapons without them degrading and breaking.)

UI UPDATE AND GRAPHICS – We need a better user interface. The one we have now is less than desired. I'm sure there are ways to de-clutter the screen and make prompts and menus more visually appealing.

We also need the previous graphics back, actual night time and realistic lighting, as well as transparent build pieces when editing.

(I feel that these changes would revive the community more than anything else, and show that the developers are actually making moves to increase the quality of life for the players. But i'm aware that some of these changes simply can't happen because the code needed to be re-written is shared with the BR portion of Fortnite.)

And finally

BUG FIXES AND AFK DETECTION – A staple of this subreddit, fixing bugs is a seemingly never ending process so i'm not going to say much about it. Bugs should be fixed whenever possible.

AFK detection however is something that should be done. A bot or automated system can detect when players are not making inputs, and if not outright kicking them from the game an AFK player should receive limited rewards upon mission completion if any rewards at all.

(I feel that players who do not contribute in regular missions should not receive equal rewards as players who participate actively when completing missions.)

And that's it, 5 ways to improve Fortnite Save The World. Thank you for reading.

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