50 QOL Changes That Could Improve STW’s Replayability

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - 50 QOL Changes That Could Improve STW's Replayability

Inspired by u/TheGhostBossMaterial's post, my list would have been too long to add as a comment, so I submitted a list of my own. There might be some overlap, since great minds think alike.

If STW is going to be a "Premium Experience™", then Epic, you need to treat it like one. Don't slow down development; keep it going, more frequently than ever.

Over the past few months I've slowly compiled a list of feedback, suggestions, and QOL changes that could have a positive impact on the game, and truly make it feel like a premium game worth its price. Based on my experience, and the experiences I've read about from other players on Reddit.

I've sorted them into categories for easier viewing. Here are 50 QOL changes and improvements.

A) Survivors

  1. Survivors shouldn't block presents. It's a minor bug, and a minor annoyance. If a present from rescuing a survivor falls to their feet, one can't pick them up until the survivor is teleported away.

  2. Let us flux up survivors. Llamas are pointless monetization anyway. Heck, limit it if you want. Only flux a Survivor up to Rare or Epic. Or let us turn them Legendary for double/triple the amount it would take, so there's still a grind involved. It would also give Flux a use.

  3. Make survivors immune to bee damage. It's frustrating to kill the husks surrounding a Survivor, but still losing them because of lingering bee clouds.

  4. Allow fallen survivors to be saved with a Med-Bot and Blu-Glo. This will greatly reduce the frustration of an ignorant teammate triggering, then ignoring, survivors.

  5. Have survivors drop presents in 'Rescue the Survivors' mission. Would make running these missions worthwhile alongside Radar and Encampment missions.

  6. Increase survivor health, and improve their AI. Survivors die too quickly, especially in PL100+ Twine missions, because their AI is dumber than rocks, their health is just too little, and husks are just too inflated.

  7. Give defenders the henchmen AI from BR. Defenders aren't technically Survivors, but they're just as dumb. Defenders need to be useful and self-sufficient, like the henchmen in BR.

  8. On that note, increase defender health and shields, and have them self-revive if they fall. AND, have them revive fallen players. To reiterate: give Defenders the Henchman AI from BR.

B) Husks

  1. Get rid of patrols, OR give us patrol ward back. Patrols are not challenging, just a persistent annoyance, especially in PL140 missions, where they can effortlessly blow up your builds when one is trying to upgrade/set up defenses.

  2. Reduce Lobber spawns, give them a cooldown, and/or remove quartz from AA trap recipe. Lobbers are extremely unfair and they tend to spawn in large clusters, easily overwhelming AA traps and any shields a player might build. If Lobbers are at least given a cooldown between throwing their heads (5-8 seconds between each throw), they'd be a lot more fair while still being challenging.

  3. Adding to this, make BASE immune to Lobber and Flinger projectiles.

  4. Prevent smashers from becoming mini bosses, OR at least prevent them from being tank. Smasher bosses can easily cross the boundary of "fair challenge" and "frustrating annoyance". A normal Smasher already has so much HP, so at least preventing a Smasher mini-boss from spawning with the "Tank" modifier would make them more manageable.

  5. Get rid of exploding death bomb. It's an unfair annoyance, especially in high Twine where fat husks tend to spawn and die in clusters, reducing builds to rubble in minutes.

  6. Nerf propane damage, or greatly reduce their spawns. I know propanes were given a "nerf" before, but it was a highly insignificant nerf.

  7. Revert propane AI. It's just cheap to have them self-detonate in trap tunnels. That's fake difficulty, not a real challenge.

  8. Nerf the damage of bee clouds and acid pools in high Twine. As any player who frequents encampment missions can tell you, the number one killer is the high damage of bee clouds and acid pools. They do massive damage, and they're hard to avoid depending on one's build that might put one in close proximity to upon-death modifiers. The damage ticks of bees and acid don't need to be so devastating. A small nerf would be manageable.

  9. Prevent healer husks from healing themselves, OR reduce the amount they can heal. They're a major annoyance, especially if they show up in a pack of two or three in a PL140 mission.

  10. Make the riot husk's door breakable and NOT immune to rocket blasts. Having the door become breakable adds additional strategies to dealing with these challenging enemies, making combat against them more engaging and less annoying.

  11. Remove the storm from Data, Eliminate, and Reupply missoons. It's a pointless annoyance. There's no need for a moving, shifting storm.

  12. Taking damage should NOT cancel searching. Please, change it. Massive QOL change right there.

C) Crafting, Looting, Rewards

  1. Decrease crafting costs, OR significantly increase farming rates. With how insanely expensive crafting is, and how poor farming rates are, something needs to change here. 30 Powder/Parts/Twine per weapon, and 200 Powder/Parts/Twine per stack of trap adds up FAST, and when you need to punch a hundred rocks to MAYBE get 10 Powder, that's when farming becomes an insanely tedious annoyance.

  2. Increase overall movement speed. Players shouldn't feel like a slug without a x3 speed Baron and/or Fleetfoot Ken in support.

  3. Increase overall weapon durability. Even with Obsidian/Brightcore weapons, weapon durability is just eaten up too quickly. They should last at least 8-10 missions, not 3.

  4. Let us pick up things while under "Goin' Commando/Constructor". It honestly baffles me that this isn't a thing already.

  5. Make the Supply Crates in "Resupply" missions actually drop supplies, like the Supply Drop gadget does. Give these missions a purpose.

  6. Remove ammo from all loot pools, make them obtainable through ammo boxes OR crafting ONLY. The number of times one might search a crate, a box, a drawer, or even a PLANT and constantly dig up ammo is too annoying. Ammo needs to be taken back a notch in how ubiquitous it is.

  7. Have all big chests loot drop for ALL players, not just nearby ones. Like the way Super Stashes do. It's honestly pointless to make it available only to nearby players. It's not a fair mechanic at all.

  8. Get rid of Rotating Gizmos and just use Power Cells for all weapon crafting, OR get rid of Gizmo drops in Twine Peaks missions above PL100. They're nothing but a waste of backpack space.

  9. Let us craft Planks and Twine from Wood, Rough Ore and Powder from Stone, and Parts and Bolts from Metal. It would put less of strain on one's resources, and add more crafting options besides Tape and Blast Powder.

  10. Increase inventory and storage slots, and/or increase stack size to at least 500. 200 is a pretty low stack number, and when trying to balance weapons, traps, and crafting supplies, it can become a headache. A stack size of 500 would fix this problem by a significant margin. Additionally, it makes no sense that a Storage Supply has less room than a Backpack. The Supply slots really need a massive increase.

  11. On a similar vein, let us delete stuff while in the Storage screen. It's very tedious to have to go back and forth between multiple screens if one wanted to clean out their Storage.

  12. Make hero/schematic/survivor XP obtainable ONLY from encampment/radar/survivor missions respectively, and have regular objective-defense missions offer only evo mats, Perk-UP, and RE-Perk. The insane amount of XP barfed out is insane compared to what a tedious grind it can be to get other useful materials. At least in missions above PL100, get rid of XP as rewards. No-one in end-game Twine needs THAT much XP.

  13. Make it so NO x4 XP missions can appear above PL100. Frankly, nobody in end-game Twine needs that much XP. End-game rewards need to be ACTUAL rewards, not something worthless like XP.

  14. Make ALL rewards scale with the level. From as low as PL19 vs PL40, to PL76 vs PL100. Right now, reward scaling is atrocious. A PL46 x4 mission will give the same amount as a PL70 mission. This is wrong. Rewards should scare with the level.

D) Other QOL changes

  1. Give Gold an overall boost. It drops at such a slow pace, and when many Event items show up in the Gold Shop, it can become a bit overwhelming to grind it all. Increasing the amount of Gold earned in normal missions could use a slight increase.

  2. Allow players to convert XP and elemental perk-UP, or let us sell it for gold, or exchange it for useful materials like Rain or crafting supplies. By the time one reaches end-game Twine (PL100+), they most likely have an extreme abundance of XP, but barely anything else. Allowing one to convert XP into Manuals, Perk-UP, etc, would be most welcome.

  3. Keep SSD map explored. This should be a no-brainer.

  4. Get rid of mini llamas, OR fill them with evolution materials instead of garbage. Right now, mini llamas, while adorable, are entirely pointless and almost an insult as a "reward". They need to be reworked to include things that are actually useful. I'd rather a mini llama give me like 10-20 Rain instead of a worthless white schematic.

  5. Let us use our STW skins and backbling on any hero with any perk. Even if it's STW only, it would be a very welcome change. Many heroes look amazing, but have worthless or weak perks that aren't worth using. Make it a part of a STW item shop, just let STW heroes be usable as any class with any perk.

  6. Increase support slots. With so many heroes in the game, being limited to only 5 Support Slots isn't very fun. If the number can be increased to at least 7 or 8, it would open the door to more wacky and wild combos, making the game more fun. Having more to experiment with would add high value to replayability.

  7. Let us use a commander perk even in a support slot. Most perks are useless and/or weak unless you play as that hero, which isn't very fun at all. It could be an end-game goal that one would need to unlock, perhaps with Ventures. To "Supercharge" a hero so their Commander Skill can be used even in Support. It might be a bit powerful, but it would also be very fun. It could be a small goal to work towards.

  8. When we use Re-Perk, let us 'unlock' perks so we can switch between perks freely. It would add high replay value, to be able to switch perks and try new set ups, making things fun. Allowing players to try new strategies without too much restriction would make things a lot of fun.

  9. Make leveling up stuff quicker. Going level-by-level is just tedious and not fun at all. Make it like Battle Breakers, where players can choose to level up slowly, or all at once, if they have enough materials for it.

  10. Fix the loot pools of Twine Peaks. One should NEVER be finding white/green stuff in Twine. Make everything found in Twine Peaks, at least in missions above PL100, Rare or higher. An end-game zone should NOT be featuring beginner-level items.

  11. When Blocking a player, prevent us from being matched with them when "Playing With Others". Typically, if a player gets blocked, one would want to avoid playing with them again, so this would be a very welcome change.

  12. Let players buy Recruitment (and Schematic) Vouchers in the Event Store. Even if it's limited to one per "Season", it would still be a very welcome addition. Most heroes are time-gated, preventing new players from trying new builds.

  13. Let us remove traps from walls. Accidentally placing the wrong trap down is so annoying and a massive waste. Being able to retrieve traps would be most welcome.

  14. In Evacuate missions, don't start the onslaught until AFTER all the players arrive at the shelter, or at least give ample time to prepare. 15-20 seconds after a player arrives at the shelter would be a good way to start.

  15. INDICATE ON THE UI if the Storm is changing directions, AND what element it is. That's very useful information to have on-screen.

  16. Increase weapon slots to at least 4. That way a player can reserve a slot for Baron or consumables without being forced to severely limit their arsenal.

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