50 Quality Of Life Suggestions!

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - 50 Quality Of Life Suggestions!

Since Epic are starting to actually add QoL updates to stw, I've decided to spitball fifty more ideas. Because why not.

  1. Rescue the survivors and build the radar grid option to leave early

  2. Evacuate the shelter option to start early.

  3. Button to buy the maximum amount of an item in the store at once.

  4. Clear edits return.

  5. FoV slider.

  6. Stacking traps to 999

  7. Option to buy backpack space for gold /vbucks

  8. Option to instantly level up a weapon to level 50

  9. Survivor squad presets

  10. UI indicator to see how long an effect is going to last (like the 5 headshots deal bonus damage for 10 seconds)

  11. Option to automatically craft ammo when you're under a certain level

  12. Filters so you stop picking up 1 star materials

  13. Improve reduced energy cost heroes by also making them deal slightly more damage.

  14. Toggle the screen shaking options when you're near husk spawners

  15. Confirmation screen when you buy a llama over 100 vbucks

  16. Instant open event llamas and free login llamas

  17. Cheaper building costs for constructors

  18. Faster movement speed for ninjas

  19. Increased headshot damage for soldiers

  20. Faster energy regen for outlanders

  21. One time resets on every trap that's been changed in the new update

  22. More beta missions / LTMs (unlikely due to it being a premium experience)

  23. Ability to play old questlines at anytime

  24. Sort the Completed Main Quests tab by chronological order

  25. Search bar for schematics and heroes

  26. More hero presets

  27. Option to craft more than one gun at a time (so 2 potshot launchers in one go)

  28. Reduce the atlas defence time to 5 mins but make the husk waves more intense

  29. In repair the shelter, option to use bluglo to stop the husk raids

  30. Buff older weapon sets like the Lunar New Year schematics

  31. Improve the starter pack weapons so they aren't simply reskins

  32. Option to buy 100 legendary flux for 1500 gold

  33. Re add armoury slots in the weekly store

  34. Reduce hoverboard delay / make it a double tap

  35. Give survivors weapons so they aren't completely helpless or improve their AI so they don't walk into husk hordes :/

  36. 5 star materials in expeditions, and add an option to instantly complete them for vbucks or x-ray tickets

  37. Give defenders better AI (perhaps use the IO guards one)

  38. Remove the 30 second wait time at the end of the mission

  39. Select what type of mission you want to do when using the play with others option

  40. Introduce some of the ventures modifiers in some missions for variety

  41. Convert XP to evolution materials

  42. Improve collection book rewards

  43. Show a warning to players if they are using a weapon against a trap vulnerable mini boss (Example: This Mini Boss can only be affected by traps! Weapons won't even scratch them)

  44. Add a PL 122 requirement in order to use mythic weapons

  45. Mini boss caches in twine should only be legendary

  46. Add some older perks back like Diamond Llama

  47. Jump pads / glider redeploy in missions

  48. Craftable port a forts

  49. Survivor squad bonuses that matter

  50. Improve first person camera

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