52 Tips n Tricks for Pros and Newbies! You will learn something new!

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - 52 Tips n Tricks for Pros and Newbies! You will learn something new!

Hey I've been playing since before Halloween 2017 I'm at around 370 days logged in and Ive only played Fortnite this entire time (few months ago got Fallout, probably played 16 hours so far). So I have some good tips that even people in Twine don't know, and learning these tips now will save you A LOT of time and effort.

  1. Rescue Trooper Ramirez's support perk is + Assault Damage (always worth using).

  2. Outlanders (most) can see loot through walls, "Keen Eyes" and " In the Zone" allow you to harvest so much faster and you can see good loot FIRST.

  3. Upon opening a lvl 5+ chest or safe it will give you a cache, anyone whose within sight of your mini map will also get one.

  4. Mechanical parts and Purple items from dead husks appear for everyone (someone cant steal yours).

  5. When clearing space or buildings to build to defend an objective, make explosives that are 2 tiers lower and blow everything up (fastest way and uses low tier resources).

  6. With any unused lower tier resources either use them for number 5 or build lower level weapons and traps and drop them off in a low level mission (the noobs will be forever grateful, and may give you herbs).

  7. Gnej's has an app that tells you what rewards are available in missions and tells you your cooldowns available (you can only be rewarded for 3 mission alerts a day (the ones that give V bucks) and 3 group missions a day).

  8. Nuts and Bolts are valueable in the beginning, but as you progress you'll end up with way more than you need, try to trade them away for better things.

  9. People ALWAYS need Herbs for gas traps n healing pads, if you need to trade for higher level mats build up a bunch and offer to trade.

  10. Fortnite Flea Market (on reddit) is a great place to trade any unwanted items and had a spreadsheet of the general value of your item.

  11. TRANSFORM: You can transform unwanted schematics unlimitedly (to rare or purple based on which edition or the game purchased). But turning 2 rare weapons into another rare weapon and repeating means you get 1.5x the EXP you would get from recycling alone.

  12. When you Transform although it says that you get weapon designs or training Manuals. You dont, only transform schematic items or green or lower people.

  13. To farm Mechanical parts go to hospitals, every room has 4 or 5 things that give them, also destroy all stoves, fridges, washer or dryers, all bathroom porcelain, water coolers, cars, air conditioners, blue electrical boxes, blue mail boxes, parking meters and SO much more.

  14. Searching items in a lvl 94 mission zone can give you items you could otherwise only find in a lvl 100 zone, and you can get multiples (like 6 oxidized from a brief case).

  15. USE Exp boosts, people forget about them and there useful, for friends and yourself.

  16. Play with Other missions give you + 20% exp and you have a chance of joining a storm shield (which gives you mini llamas).

  17. The Shovel "6 Feet Under" with proper combobulation can give you +32% movement speed and around 20% more after attacking.

  18. If you use a Noble Launcher than switch to Candy Corn LMG all those kills will drop candy.

  19. Activate the Movement Boost pylon first in a mission, everything will go faster.

  20. If you do a "defend the drone" mini quest it gives you about 1/3rd of a bar towards leveling up the mission chest (on 4 atlas mission you used to be able to get a lvl 7 chest).

  21. Always have a physical damage gun (like candy corn LMG) because it kills regular husks/smashers so much faster.

  22. Certain guns (like Candy Corn LMG) are better with critical damage and chance perks, as its rate of fire and magazine are huge.

  23. Shadowshard/Sunbeam weapons are stronger than Obsidian/Brightcore, but Brightcore is valued less than Sunbeam because everyone wants more damage, so go Brightcore for a weapon if you want it to be easier to get the resources to make.

  24. Expeditions are a great way to get resources while doing nothing! Warcraft and Payback are 2 that will give you awesome supplies (sometimes 274 herbs), otherwise Large Caches give Sleek and similar mats, and trap expeditions are only good for recycling, Survivor expeditions are good for getting training Manuals.

  25. ALWAYS save all purple or higher survivors as your Lead Survivor can change at any time, you want to have as many survivors as possible so you can make the best combinations and get the highest stat boosts.

  26. Best way to get Mythic Lead Survivors is to wait until you get a gold upgrade Llama or Triple Llama. The best Llama deals are waiting for upgrade or multiple upgrade Llamas (like 11 in one) because they give you the most items overall. I've spent 300 V bucks on 3 mythic leads in the past month. Paying 1k for a Llama is just not worth it. Also if randomly buying a silver Llama is good because the next one is almost always better.

  27. Level everything in your collection book to atleast 10, it's a cheap and easy way to level your collection book without anything new.

  28. Be a good player, making friends is the best on this game because you always are gonna need help at some point. Giving away unwanted items that you would normally drop builds alot of gratitude with people, but going AFK is the worst thing to do. Always tell people before you start a mission objective.

  29. In 4 player missions, activate all the boosts, it will save you from building as many traps.

  30. (I could and will do 10 tips on building alone sometime) put stairs in front of the walls of your objective, smashers won't charge.

  31. Always look for an edge of the map or hole in the map around your objective. Using wall launchers and traps to launch husks into them is the ABSOLUTE BEST way to kill them, it's funny, and costs no ammo or energy.

(Edited in) 32. Epic perk up and legendary perk up are the most needed items in the game when your maxed. The missions I go for first are 1. V bucks 2. Epic or Legendary perk up 3. Evolution materials. Epic always seems more rare than Legendary, spend this stuff WISELY! Make sure your gonna love and keep the gun before you invest.

  1. Always buy evolution mats from the store (first it was drops of rain, I always needed those for everything, now I have some but I always need Lightning in a Bottle), you WILL need them later (storm shard not so much yet).

  2. Always buy RE PERK from the shop, when you need it most you wont have it, unless of course you buy it from the shop every time.

  3. Did you know you can generate things from the collection book? Go to it, inspect it, it should say "recruit" or "research", which costs 1500 gold in legendary flux, but nevertheless an option if you really need or want something.

  4. I use Pathfinder Jess almost every mission (+50% pickaxe DMG) with support perks: Increased magazine size, one that stacks per bullet up to 25% extra damage (until you reload or swap), Assault Damage, Teddy +30% damage, Teddy duration + 4 seconds. It's a really effective harvester/DMG build.

  5. Want to travel around the map even faster? Build a giant ramp (like in BR) than put a directional launch pad at the top, you can fly across the map and take no fall damage (better with ninjas double jump).

  6. To add increased defense to an atlas or similar objective, build floor pieces around it, edit them to become another mini wall in the way of husks.

  7. You can put a set of stunning lights on a wall piece with a window in the center.

  8. Dont forget about defenders, in 4 player missions with 4 players you can still put them down, box them up as in #39 or if you give them a weapon that hits through walls you dont even need a window!

  9. Putting diagonal floor pieces on the corners of your objective also prevents a smashers charge. Also freeze traps and launch traps stop him when he is charging.

  10. If you can get a launcher with energy or water damage than you are in good shape, so many enemies need blasting, most of the time launchers are fire or physical.

  11. Noble launcher is (IMO) the best weapon in the game, wipe out WAVES of enemies in 1 or 2 shots, people will wonder how your combat score got so high.

  12. Always build trap tunnels around objectives (or where the husks are coming in) to funnel enemies into a certain area so they take AoE damage from ceiling, wall and floor traps.

  13. Always destroy gnomes! They can give you active powercells and somewhere on it keeps a tally of how many you've destroyed.

  14. Replace daily quests you dont like, or even ones that are easy sometimes because you have a chance at getting a Canny Valley or Twine Peak one where you get 75 or 100 V bucks instead!

  15. Anything someone else destroys counts towards your daily quests, ask for help in missions (Hey ev1, I need power transformers), better yet, destroy and daily quest items incase someone else needs them!

  16. Gas traps, wooden floor spikes, and wall dynamos are the most used and reliable traps IMO. The spikes slow enemies and do damage to them, which allows them to bathe in your other traps longer. Gas traps do 6 ticks of AoE damage to all husks that walk through. Wall dynamos do huge damage to any husks in range when it goes off, but has a longer reload.

  17. After you have the Aforementioned traps in #48, go for the AoE ceiling zapper traps (cheaper than gas traps) and alternate between the two when placing ceiling traps (for max DMG). Retractable floor spikes can be good (like on atlas pyramids). And wall n floor launchers have there place of course. Ceiling tire drop traps can hit from 2 or even 3 tiles up, and are best on ramps, as they will knock husks down the ramps.

  18. To make sure you dont exceed your build limit on an SSD, look up the spawns online (there was a post recently about this), I made an entire trap tunnel once that no husks will ever go through! You dont want anything unnecessary or that isnt near any husks.

  19. To more easily kill a BluGlo troll, use a long reaching melee weapon (like a shovel).

  20. Candy Corn LMG, Siegebreaker, Gravedigger, and Bobcat are amazing assault weapons (only guns I use).

Will add more when I think of them 🙂

To Be Continued. If you can think of any more or have anything to say please share.

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