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Earlier today I had an idea for a 5th zone, to go after Twine.

This idea is still pretty half baked (It's pretty short, and might get really tedious, as well as requiring a large amount of development time), but I thought I'd post it here to see what people thought about it.

The zone would be called Ground Zero. The basic biome would be a desert-like biome with dunes, which would be a shiny deep purple color. Players would not be able to bring their friends to this zone, unless they were already there (not even to private missions.)

Materials would be gained by different broken fragments of things lodged in the sand/ash. For example, half of a car might be sticking out of the ground, or perhaps some chunks of rock and fallen trees.

To enforce the idea of this being an extremely dangerous and final zone, there would be no survivors anywhere.

The area would be covered in rifts, encampments and husk patrols, making it difficult to transverse the area. The sky would be permanently stormy, occasionally sending down lightning bolts near the players that either summon Husks or Mist Monsters.

For missions, there would be only two types: Deliver the Bomb and Extract the Data.

Deliver the Bomb already exists, but for Extract the Data, players would have to search the area for rifts, and place a device on them to gather more data. They would then have to defend it for about a minute, and probably complete a total of about 6. The mission would serve as a fusion of Rescue the Survivors and Destroy the Encampments, and also be thematic to the area. (This mode would replace Destroy the Encampments in the Ground Zero zone.)

As for the ending of the story missions, the story would go something like this:

At the end of Twine Peaks, RaY states that the atlases don't seem to be helping anymore. Additionally, drones have been detecting a massive power surge in a nearby desert. RaY tells you to check it out, and a rocket is launched with a Storm Shield.

The first few missions are a mixture of Deliver The Bomb and Extract the Data. (The mission set in this area would be shorter than most others.)

Number Mission Explanation
1 Complete three Collect the Data missions RaY would say something along the lines of "We need to understand the way these rifts regenerate, so I can improve the bombs."
2 Complete three Deliver the Bomb missions RaY would say something along the lines of "Let's test the new bomb protoypes."
3 Complete three Collect the Data missions RaY would say something along the lines of "The protoypes weren't as effective as we had hoped- we need some more data."
4 Complete one Deliver the Bomb mission RaY would say something along the lines of "This prototype should work, let's try it."
5 Complete any two missions RaY would say something along the lines of "The protoype worked- let's keep scoping out the area while my drones search for the source of the storm."
6 Destroy the Storm Wall RaY would say something along the lines of "Every drone I've sent within this circle has been destroyed immediately. It appears that there's a massive, circular wall of clouds right around this one point. Using some new technology, (definitely not turning an Atlas sideways,) I've built an anti-cloud battering ram! Defend it while it charges up." The player would have to defend a sideways Atlas from hordes of husks and Mist Monsters. The final wave would be entirely Smashers.
7 Enter the Eye of the Storm RaY would say something along the lines of "Even with the hole we just cut, the wind is still too strong for drones. I don't know what's in there." The player, upon entering the area, would see a seemingly normal city, which looks straight out of Stonewood. However, in the middle, there would be a large building with a Vindertech sign. Instead of having cliffs around it, the area would be boxed in by a large, circular wall of purple clouds. There would be no survivors or husk patrols. (More info below)
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Upon entering the Vindertech building, RaY would say that she managed to fly a drone in, and it's detecting exactly five human heat signatures. She would mention that the fifth signature seems to be the same height as Dr. Vinderman, but there was a strangely cold area directly around them.

As the players reached a downwards staircase at the other side of the building, they would notice a strange blue glow. Upon descending the stairs, a Mist Monster introduction cinematic would play.

The name of the monster would be The Reaper, and its subtext would be "Mutated by bluglo." It would resemble a blue Taker, with a slightly more humanoid appearance. When the cutscene ended, the players would see a Reaper hovering over a seemingly bottomless pit. The players would have to build to get close to him, but the AI would intentionally attack the points anchoring the player structure to the sides.

A loud rumbling sound effect would play, and RaY would announce that they had to get out of the room in five minutes, before the pit erupts with BluGlo.

The Reaper would have three basic attacks:

  1. Ram

The reaper would instantly destroy one of the building pieces anchoring the player structure to the sides of the pit.

  1. Slash

The reaper would teleport to a player, attack them, and teleport somewhere else.

  1. Charge

The reaper would perform a Smasher-like charge toward one of the players in an attempt to knock them off the structure.


After the fight, the players would be given two minutes to return to the place they entered the map. (Failing players would still receive quest progression and rewards as long as at least one person made it. Players don't respawn during this time.)

For endgame, RaY would state that even though Vinderman was gone, and the storm will no longer regenerate, it still needs to be destroyed so people can start rebuilding. Players would gain access to a new set of high level missions of all types set in Ground Zero.

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