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The purpose of this guide is to share my build and strategy for running the 7 Day PL47 STS. It’s not the most efficient nor necessarily the most fun but I think it works well. This build is specifically for the bugged version of the event where husks only attack Generator A. For reference, my runs last about 75 minutes each. I start at resource cap and end at resource cap.

Why Run the 7 Day PL47

The PL47 has a high chance (based on my experience, 80%+ I would estimate?) of giving a Legendary Survivor Transform. Everyone has 56 survivor slots to fill and this is by far the easiest way to get them. The PL80 doesn’t seem to have as high a chance of rewarding Legendary Survivor transforms specifically and the PL47 is much easier to run.


The 7 Day STS is an endurance test. Killing husks faster doesn’t really make things easier since they’ll keep spawning until the time ends. It’s kind of like a game of husk management; kill things as slowly as possible without being overrun.

What Class Should I Play?

Power Base, because of Recycling and Power Modulation. Recycling helps resource sustain during the entire STS. Power Modulation allows connected BASE pieces to heal 5% every 10 seconds. You could run Power Base as Tactical for a number of options (MegaBASE, Machinist, BASE, Heavy Base), but not all of these options come with the Recycling perk which is just a great quality-of-life bonus. I don’t have a Machinist and probably would not run her here because I only end up using 8 Wall Darts in my build and I would rather have the 7 tile BASE that Power Base provides.

With BASE and Power Modulation, you can basically ignore minis, regulars, and huskies because they’ll kill themselves against your BASE before getting through. Pitchers and yellow lobbers won’t die but they also don’t really threaten your BASE either, so if we assume that the game runs with a spawn cap (a limit on the number of enemies that can be present and attacking the objective at once) they’re taking the place of something potentially more dangerous. (Do be aware that yellow lobbers can ignite propane tanks lying on the ground.) Purple lobbers, smashers, and propanes should be killed on sight because they will destroy BASE connected pieces on their own if you left them be. Blasters and Takers are annoying but ultimately don’t harm your BASE either. You probably should kill them before they harm you or your defenders.

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The Build

Load 615a99b8 on It starts with a simple box around the generator surrounded by backwards stairs and walls at each of the four corners. Husks attack the stairs and take damage while darts facing in at the corners thin them out. Enough husks attacking a T3 metal stair piece will get through it, especially with shielder+elemental huskies in the later waves, so you’ll want to keep an eye on them. The darts tend to run out of durability in pairs. There’s an upper walkway around this center where I like to stand and pick off dangerous husks. The roof shield is mainly to give you some more time to deal with lobbers. I put the holes in so you can drop supply drops through them to the central walkway. I like putting defenders on the corners of the walkway if I use them.

For recycling purposes, I build out everything I can to T3 as fast as possible to hit the 75 resource/min Recycling cap. Around Night 5 or 6 I hit resource cap and generally start offering them to my teammates (there’s already about 1k metal in there by then). You can build out the floor/roof as far as you like; I’m running Heavy Base for Tactical so I generally T3 as far as I can reach for the floor to charge BASE pulses.


I use Hotfixer for Support and Heavy Base for Tactical. You can use whatever you want here though if you’re not running a Power Base you should use Power Base for Tactical. I run a supply drop (free wooden spikes yum) and usually Adrenaline Rush. Banner is an obvious choice and could take the place of either of these easily.

What About Everyone Else?

They can really do whatever they want. Some teams I’ve played with actively kill everything, which is fine. I end up using less Wall Darts than usual and don’t need to put any defenders down. Some teams are content to just sit on the objective, which is also fine. I use more Wall Darts, maybe put down a defender or two. What I like about this build is that it’s flexible and doesn’t depend on the rest of your team. You can probably solo with more traps and diligence.

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Ideally, I would probably want my teammates to prioritize the same list of dangerous husks as I do, but beyond that I don’t really care about much else. Boosts are nice, I would appreciate other people grabbing boosts while I’m building.


Outlanders Gathering Llamas

The start of Day/Night 5 suddenly makes Loot Llamas Canny llamas and doubles their health. They now require 3 players to completely break open and aren’t as worth grabbing.

Starting the Next Day

There seems to be a 30 second buffer between upgrading/activating a generator and being able to initiate Day-Skip vote.

I’ll try to answer your questions as they come up. Have fun grinding!

tl;dr: Play Power Base, ignore most things and kill purple lobbers, propanes, and smashers.

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