8.50 Suggestions From a Member of Your Target Audience

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - 8.50 Suggestions From a Member of Your Target Audience

Additionally, in v8.50 we’re going to be making some tweaks to the end of Twine Peaks which will add higher power level missions towards the top end of the zone. These missions will reward higher grade materials, such as Brightcore and Sunbeam, and is the first iteration of changes we’re making to bring in harder content.

The above excerpt and the one mentioning SSD changes were the most exciting takeaways I had from latest Roadmap as a max level player. Following are some suggestions/requests that I hope will be taken into consideration when these updates are made.

Mission Rewards

As a max level player and speaking for all the other players I play with that are at or near max level please give us the rewards we want in these new higher difficulty missions. It is utterly frustrating logging in and seeing nothing but Hero, Schematic and Survivor XP in the Twine group missions almost every day. I have a few friends that either stopped playing or rarely play after they completed the Love/Pirate quests because they don't need XP.

If these new missions are targeted for us please remove XP from the reward pool or at the very least heavily weight the rewards for Evolution resources (Pure Drops of Rain, Lightning in a Bottle, Eye of the Storm, Storm Shard), Re-perk and Epic and Legendary Perk-up. Those are the only resources most of us need and/or want. If for some reason we need XP there are plenty of other options in Twine.

Also please increase the amount of each we receive. Doing a group mission in Twine and only receiving 172 Legendary Perk-up provides little motivation to play for that reward especially if the mission takes the full 20 minutes (Retrieve the Data and Evacuate the Shelter). Each Legendary Weapon Schematic has 5 perks, which at the aforementioned reward rate would take about 10 missions or about 3 hours to perk-up. I have nearly 200 Legendary Schematics sitting at level 1 that I would like to level and play with but I don't have the Evolution resources or Perk/Re-perk to do so.

Cache Drops


Please remove Rare and Epic Schematic caches from the mini-bosses, cache chests/safes and mission rewards. If you are playing in mission that is above PL100 it is extremely unlikely that you want or need those rewards. It's quite frustrating watching a PL118 Tank Smasher drop a Rare Schematic Cache. I would suggest Rare/Epic Schematic Caches be removed from all Twine missions but there may be some players in early Twine that still need training manuals and could use them for recycling fodder.


Please remove any material/weapon/traps below 4 star from the loot pool (again I suggest this for all Twine missions but at the very least the PL100+). We still find Stringy Twine, Rough Mineral Powder and Rusty Mechanical parts in Twine. Chests and other searchable items often drop Uncommon Ceiling Zappers and weapons as well as Common/Rare/Epic weapons and traps. Any item we find that can be recycled should provide 4 or 5 star materials. This is a small quality of life change that would make playing in the highest level zone more enjoyable.

Rotating Gizmos

I had to give Rotating Gizmos their own section. The only weapon I regularly use that requires this item is the Founder's Revolt. It would be much more useful to replace them in the loot pool with mechanical parts (either Sleek or Efficient) or have them drop at a 10% rate with mechanical parts filling the other 90%. That would be enough to ensure I can always make a Founder's Revolt as well as any other Rare or Epic weapon that I want to fool around with.

Plant & Shrub Searching

Last but certainly not least please adjust the loot pool when searching plants and shrubs. A flower should always drop a flower but everything else should drop fibrous herbs. Like Rotating Gizmos I destroy or drop stacks of flowers and adhesive resin. Trees could still drop adhesive resin some of the time but every one I play with drops stacks of it and flowers as well.

Again I'm excited to see the changes coming in a few weeks and hope that it provides max level players like myself with challenging content and rewards that are appealing. I've put more hours into Save the World than any other game I've played in the last 15 years but lately I've been losing interest. Hopefully the new missions and rewards rekindle my and many others desire to play.

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