8 Tips To Keep In Mind While Playing

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - 8 Tips To Keep In Mind While Playing

Fortnite: Save The World is a semi-complicated video game, which requires months upon months of practice in order to fully understand how the game works, from managing your homebase, heroes and schematics, to learning some dos and don’ts about playing missions, so there is a ton to learn. In this guide, we go over 8 tips to keep in mind whilst playing Save The World.

1. Search, Don’t Destroy

Before harvesting a certain prop like a plant or a bookshelf, search it and you’ll collect materials like bacon and duct tape, which will be useful and quite handy later on. Besides, there are other ways you can get building materials, so search, don’t destroy.

2. Focus More On The Mission Objective

As you progress further into the game, you’ll inevitably become more and more interested in limited-time events which will reward you with awesome heroes and schematics. You can also take a look at Save The World’s 3-part campaign, which will also give you more rewards and experience. But, in order to complete limited-time quests or advance through the campaign, you’ll need to complete quests/challenges. These quests can only be completed by doing so in a mission and successfully completing said mission. If you don’t complete the mission, all your quest progress that you spent 10-20 minutes on will all be erased. So focus more on the mission objective rather than completing a side mission. And if you want to go into a mission that requires little brain power, go into Rescue The Survivors, where you’re tasked to rescue 6 survivors in 20 minutes.

3. Try To Go For Additional Bonuses (If You Can)

When playing a mission like Fight The Storm, you’ll see that you have a bonus in play. These bonuses are basically little challenges you have to do (i.e complete the mission within 1 in-game day) with will grant a boost of XP and will reward you with better rewards. Of course, this is only if you have the power to, because if you can’t, that’s alright.

4. Carefully Choose Your Loadout

After progressing for a little bit, you’ll have access to loadouts. These loadouts basically allow your hero to have some small perks added on thanks to other heroes added to the loadout. But you need to make sure how to carefully choose. The best ways to do this are to put heroes of the same class to support, or heroes with different abilities. You also have to choose a team perk, which is something most, if not all, of the heroes should contribute to.


5. Keep Track Of Upgrades

Eventually, you’ll begin to upgrade your homebase. What this does is that you can have new perks and fun little gimmicks to mess around with. You can have the ability to drop supply crates or air missiles, or you can make your inventory bigger to house more supplies. Upgrading costs upgrade points, and it’s important to keep track of your upgrade statistics.

6. Use The Right Combat At The Right Occasion

In Save The World, there are a ton of ways to beat the living daylight out of zombies, or husks. If you use sniper rifles at close range, there’s a probability you’re going to get bombarded by the cold undead. However, if you manage to use the correct weapons at the right occasion (So don’t try to use a shotgun from afar), you won’t be attacked so often.

7. Don’t Try To Go Into Missions Beyond Your League

In Save The World, there are power levels. Power levels basically describe how powerful your homebase is and how much you’ve played and can handle using quantifiable data. If you’re say, at power level 16, don’t go into missions above a 17 power level. You will most likely fail and will go back a power level or two. So continue with missions that are in your league and work your way up from there.

8. Challenge Yourself

The only way to get better at Fortnite: Save The World is to practice. At your personal Storm Shield, you can set up Wargames. What are Wargames? Wargames are minigames that you can customize and play. Do you want to fight zombies, keep track of a quantum explosive all in a violent fog? You sure can do that. Wargames can not only serve as practice against hordes of zombies, but it can also serve as a fun pastime with friends, as you can use the settings to come up with the most stupidly impossible simulations to take part in.

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