A Breakdown of the Dev Update

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So the Dev update for October 2018 had a LOT to say, and it confirmed many things we suspected, and introduced us to a lot of things we’d never guessed were coming.

To prevent misinformation, hearsay and general confusion, and hopefully to quell the massive amount of posts that are bound to be incoming with conflicting interpretations and opinions on what the dev update did and didn’t confirm – as well as provide for easy reference, here’s an abbreviated version or a TL;DR of what we got from the dev update:

StW not going f2p in 2018.

StW goes on sale this week

During the sale limited and ultimate editions are available again

Significant hero squad mechanic changes are inbound

Hero squads will have up to 6 heroes, 5 and your active one.


There will be hero and schematic rebalancing, on an opt in basis.

Edit: Magyst: Not exactly this. We'll definitely provide more details on the new systems as we get closer to their launch. We still have a lot of work to do before we can unveil the full details.

Opting into rebalancing will refund your resources invested.

Fortnitemares will be returning with new questlines

Just for signing in during fortnitemares you will get two heroes, brainiac jonesy And skull trooper Ramirez

Old heroes as well as new ones will be available during the event

Hope this helps!

And spread the knowledge accurately!


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