A brief fortnite history lesson – why the game is not always the worst its ever been

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - A brief fortnite history lesson - why the game is not always the worst its ever been

Almost every day on reddit, there are an insane number of complaints about how the game is worse then ever and people want to quit. I get it, you don't enjoy the game as much as you once did, it happens. I've had it happen with cs:go, starcraft, LoL, Guild wars 2. However, don't let nostalgia cloud your judgement into thinking it always used to be better, because it defininitly wasn't.

Season 1: Shotguns would deal 100 damage from 100m away, shotguns were incredibly inconsistent due to random pellet spread, this remains an issue till season 5. Scoped AR's dealt 88 damage headshots with no bloom, insanely overpowered. No first shot accuracy, once again remains an issue for a few seasons. Very basic map.

Season 2: Double pump started becoming prominent at this point. The negative of the slow pump fire rate was completely nullified by the fact you could just machine gun fire them. On top of this pumps would one shot wooden walls, what everyone was complaining about with the deagle. Very little weapon variety, all that was carried was double shotgun and an AR. If you didn't have that loadout you were at a significant disadvantage.

Season 3: Double pump remained dominant. Basically no major meta changes from previous season so a lot of previous issues remain. C4, guided missile, port a fort, clingers all added this season, almost all hated at one point or another (clingers would blow up when a wall broke)

Season 4: Very few additions this season, double pump was much more in check, pretty reasonable power level at this point. Jetpacks were added which a lot of people did not like. Shotgun damage was nerfed down to 80/85 which caused complaints for 2 season about shotguns being too weak.


Season 5: Oh boy have we got a good one here. Spray meta at its worst. P90, smg, drum gun, lmg all in the game at this point. Building was nerfed so that your walls felt like paper. Heavy sniper added, basically making all other snipers pointless due to how strong it is. Double barrel and grappler added, everyones favourite combo. Rift to go added which has only become an issue recently due to how key mobility is late game. This season should probably be considered the worst.

Season 6: A lot of backtracking this season. Spray meta issues were generally fixed, shotguns were buffed back to where they were before. Heavy AR added which is a very popular weapon. Main issues this season were the turret being added with a fucked hitbox, and fornitemares being around for 2 weeks. Other then those 2 weeks it was a solid season.

Season 7: Frankly, this season is one of the most polarising i've seen. It had its highs and lows. Infinity blade was clearly the low, being disgracefully overpowered. Planes were incredibly annoying for almost the whole season. However, meta wise with weapons everything was pretty solid. Deagle was op but not as op as other things in the past. Some good vaults and 7.40 probably goes down as one of the best patches adding pop up rules to pubs.

Season 8: Who knows, only time will tell

TL;DR: Every season has its issues, some more major than other. Don't act like the game is worse now then ever before just because you aren't enjoying it as much, nostalgia clouds your vision hard.

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