A Call To Action: STW Heroes and Dances!

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - A Call To Action: STW Heroes and Dances!

Good morning, Reddit! I'm back with some more better-quality videos of STW heroes doing BR dances and emotes. This time, with a better focused crop, in-game sound effects and music, and more importantly, more emotes. I still don't have as many as other players, but my library has increased significantly since my last very raw and amateur recordings.

I meant to finish these like a week ago or so, but the BR lobby changed on me halfway through a recording session, which ruined several hours of work, and I just had to take a break. O_o Which is a good thing in the end, because the Halloween lobby made it hard to see the hero's faces. Anyway…

Here's a list of the dances and emotes that will appear in these videos.

Let this serve as a call to action. Sure, some emotes and heroes have minor clipping issues. In the "Busy" emote, very few heroes have the gum attached to their mouth. But it's a very minor issue, and we must show our support for emotes in STW much sooner. And on the reverse side: we can use this to encourage the BR devs to start being more creative with their skins, and show they have 3 different models per gender to work with, which will open the door to more variety in BR.

Since the heroes all share the same rig, having more models in BR would increase the quality of that game exponentially. Cloaked Star still has his ninja model in BR, and despite his much thinner and smaller size compared to literally everyone else, he has no hitbox advantage OR disadvantage. He should be a very bold precedence for the BR devs to set, that they can be creative and make skins for every STW model, not just the Soldier one. I hope once you see the heroes dancing, you'll agree that you'd like to see heroes like this in BR, too.

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With that said, let's waste no time. Onto the dancing!


  1. Bull
  2. Harper
  3. Hype
  4. Hazard
  5. Izza
  6. Knox
  7. Kyle
  8. Penny


  1. Crash
  2. Edge
  3. Ken
  4. Luna
  5. Mari
  6. Sarah
  7. Scorch
  8. Scorpion


  1. AC
  2. Buzz
  3. Deadeye
  4. Eagle Eye
  5. Grizzly
  6. Jess
  7. Quinn
  8. Southie

Which characters do you like dancing the best? I think their expressions are rather unique per hero. I hope I can brighten someone's day by seeing their favorite STW hero dance. I also hope this gains some traction with the BR fanbase, too. Perhaps we can encourage the devs that a wider cast, with wider variety, will breathe fresh air into both game modes, and it could allow their creativity to really and truly shine.

Thank you for viewing!


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