A Comprehensive Guide To The Storm King LTM

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - A Comprehensive Guide To The Storm King LTM

Ok, lots of people are saying the mode is too hard or that the Storm King is OP and all sorts of stuff so I figured I'd write this guide up to try and help some of you out. Treat this big bastard like you would a raid in WoW or Destiny. It's gonna be tough, it's gonna take time but as you practice, you'll get better and faster at killing him.

The Storm King's Attacks

The Storm King has multiple attacks, some more powerful than others but all of them are telegraphed.

  • Laser Beam/Breath Attack-His most powerful and dangerous attack. This can down you instantly so avoid it all costs. You'll know when he's winding it up by seeing his eyes glow brighter and his body will glow bright purple as well. If you see that happening, RUN! Go left or right, doesn't matter, just move as soon as he begins to charge it up. It cannot track you so once he locks in where he's gonna attack, it'll unleash. If you've moved, he'll miss. Do not go near teammates that are DBNO when this attack is coming. He will kill anyone who is DBNO if they get hit. He'll open the fight with this attack.

  • Energy Pulse-Completely harmless to players. He'll tuck his arms into his body and spin around several times. This ability does not damage players at all. Instead, it will destroy all player built structures and destroy any and all items currently on the ground such as ammo, guns and materials. See a weapon you want? Grab it before it's destroyed.

  • Rock Throw-Pfft, this ability is useless. Simply keep moving and he'll miss. If he clips you with it, it'll do 30 damage. As long as you stay topped up, this won't be an ability to worry about. He'll jam his fist into the ground and pull a rock out. After a few seconds, he'll throw it at the players. That's it.

  • Fiend Spawners-Fiends are vital to staying alive in this mode so when you see the Storm King raises his hands and get shocked by purple lightning, he's about to create spawners. He'll bring his hands down to the ground and release the lightning which will create up to 4 spawners depending on how many are currently still alive.

  • Meteor Strike-Only occurs in Phase 2 and 3 (explained later). There's no physical tell from the Storm King himself for this one. Slight correction here, it has a physical tell occasionally. You'll see him charge one hand then bring the other and swing his hands down. That will trigger this attack. Only the first wave will have the tell. Several more waves follow before he'll cast it again. Instead, keep an eye on the sky. Rifts will tear open that drop meteors after a few seconds. These hurt. Don't get caught in the blast. They can kill downed players so be careful!

  • Fist Slam/Claw Swipe-These attacks are his least used but are still dangerous due to the huge knockback they have. If he's about to slam his fist, he'll raise one arm up and clench his fist then slam it down. If he's about to claw swipe, he'll raise one arm and leave his hand open before swiping at nearby players. The claw swipe has a larger knockback and can launch you into the storm so keep your distance so he can't use it.

Damaging The Storm King

The Storm King has a simple system for how to damage him and it comes in several phases that will be explained later. To damage him though, simply shoot at the glowing yellow weak spots. Light those spots up and you'll eventually break one. Breaking a weak spot can also interrupt an attack if he's charging one up. Breaking 3 weak points will expose a Storm Horn.

Here's where the StW Storm King and BR Storm King differ. In StW, the pickaxe does more damage to him. In BR, ANY weapon will work. Pickaxes do not do increased damage (after testing, it hits for 35 damage, the same as a gold AR) so use whatever you've got and deal as much damage to the horn as possible. The health of the horns DO NOT RESET. Don't panic if you don't destroy a horn. Break the weak points again to expose the horn. You'll need to break both horns before you can take down the Storm King.

Once both horns are destroyed, you'll be able to open fire on the Storm King himself. He's now completely vulnerable so whatever you've got, lay it into him. His health bar here is substantial so you're gonna need all the damage you can get here. Rocket launchers and turrets are good here.

Once his health is depleted, congratulations! You've just scored a Nightmare Royale!

Phases Of The Fight

As the fight progresses, things will get harder but the loot gets better.

Phase 1 (Destroy the first horn)-Grey and Green weapons with small chance of blue weapons. At this stage, Fiends are weak. You'll only get regular fiends and brutes. They're both easy to take down and only have melee attacks. Kill them to get more ammunition and weapons. Destroy the spawners to get medical supplies-this includes Slurp Juices and Chug Splashes.


Phase 2 (Destroy the second horn)-Green and Blue weapons are more common here with a chance for purple weapons to drop. Thrower Fiends will join the fray now and on rare occasions, a Golden Brute will spawn. Golden Brutes are not as hard as they were in Chapter 1 so you can take them down easily. They're guaranteed to drop a purple/gold weapon. Fiend presence increases and the Storm King permanently uses Meteor Strike from now until the end of the fight. The safe zone will shrink when this phase begins.

Phase 3 (Kill the Storm King)-Same weapon rarities as Phase 2. Fiend presence is at it's highest here. Keep on the move and spray them down to avoid being swarmed. Golden Brutes and Throwers spawn at increased levels. Poison Fiends can spawn in this phase. Keep your distance. When they die, they explode into a cloud like a stink bomb. Prioritise killing them if you're being chased down by a horde. Safe zone will shrink again at the start of this phase.

Working As A Team

This mode is all about working as a team. All players are working together meaning you need to help keep everyone alive. If you want to revive someone, make sure you're not being chased by a horde of Fiends and that the Storm King is not winding up an attack aimed at you. If you need to, pick the player up and carry them to safety before reviving. Get as far away from spawners as you can. Reviving takes the same amount of time as regular BR.

If you don't want to revive, protect those who are reviving. Stay on guard and take down any Fiends approaching. Your teammates will appreciate you having their back.

Don't throw people into the storm. All you're doing is sabotaging the team's efforts. If someone does do this, there's the option to report them for Abusive Gameplay under Harassment. I don't recommend doing this because it probably won't do a fat lot. Just move on to the next game knowing you can still win and they're gonna lose another game.

If you cannot get the revive off at that moment, keep Chug Splashes or the Bandage Bazooka handy. Both items can prolong the DBNO state giving you time to carry the player to safety or to clear out Fiends before you revive them. Every teammate that is alive increases the DPS of your team and lowers the time it will take to bring down the Storm King.

Fiends and the Spawners

Fiends are your key to surviving and getting better gear and more ammo. Keep taking them down. The more you kill, the more gear you and your team can get. They can drop ammo, materials and weapons.

Destroying spawners will give you the breathing room you need to damage the Storm King. Not only that, destroying a spawner will drop a good chunk of medical supplies and can sometimes drop a mounted turret.

Spawners will continually spawn Fiends and only take damage from players. The Storm King's abilities do not damage the spawners so don't expect him to do the work for you.

Explosives deal increased damage to spawners as well so if you have grenades (deals 375 damage per hit to spawners), use them.

General Tips For Survival

  • Stay on the move. If you stand still for too long, Fiends will catch up to you or you'll eat an attack from the Storm King which could prove fatal. Stay mobile and you'll stand a greater chance of survival.

  • Keep on killing Fiends to keep your shields topped up. They grant small amounts of shield for each one you kill so don't stop killing them.

  • Stay away from the very edge of the storm. If you get caught by one of the Storm King's attacks, it may end up launching you into the storm and you'll be done for at that point. Storm damage is significant in this mode so stay away from the edge just to be safe.

  • You start with a grey pistol but multiple chests spawn on the island. Go straight to the island and crack open a chest or two so you've got some basic items before the fight begins. Landing at any of the landmarks or POIs nearby is a waste of time. You won't have time to loot.

  • Try to keep an eye on the Storm King as much as possible. You're more likely to survive if you see an attack coming.

  • Some of the Storm King's attacks can be blocked by building. If you need to revive someone during a Meteor Strike, build a roof. It can block the meteors and you'll be able to revive the player.

  • Recommended loadout is Assault Rifle, SMG, Explosive Weapon, Healing Items/Bandage Bazooka. You need a mix of damage and healing in this fight at all times.

Good luck everyone. Hopefully this helped give you a better idea of how you can survive and win the fight to get that umbrella! (and for those of you who want to hit Tier 100, this mode gives very high amounts of XP so I recommend playing as much as you can while it's here)

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