A feel EPIC learned nothing about acting on player reports.

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Here me out.

Back when paragon got popular it became a hive of leechers, afks, abusive players and sabotage.

Reports were being filed but very few were being acted on. Posts on the sub about it were a daily occurrence.

People were doing whatever they wanted and most of the time they would continue doing it carefree in knowing that epic would likely do bugger all.

We seen posts of people saying and threatening the most disgusting and vile things. Goading people to kill themselves.

People constantly sabotaging.

You could report all you wanted, there was never even a break in their playtime, let alone a perma ban.

It was rare to see a pop up from lt belicia to confirm your report had been acted on.

Rings any bells?

Everything we saw happening there is happening here.

Canny valley on ps4 (eu) is a cesspit of this kind of behavior. And guess what, it's like this as epic are no where near proactive enough on dealing with reports.


Every other game I've played online, player reports are dealt with, you don't get away with this sort of stuff continually.

But an epic game. It seems to can do whatever the he'll you want.

An example of this is a player who in team chat very explicitly described how he was going to rape my mother. Now I'm not talking 50 shades here. This would make a 4chan regular blush.

That sort of thing, is a clear, sorry but your gone, perma ban. There is no reasoning or excuses, your gone, plain and simple.

That was over a week ago and nothing been done.

The you constantly see in chat when someone is complaining about another player who clearly needs reported, stating the don't care. They do it all the time, bla bla, epic won't do anything, I can do an say what I want type shit.

It's a serious problem and it is clear that epic aren't even doing close to enough.

This really needs addressed.

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