A General Guide to Defending

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - A General Guide to Defending

Obviously this isn't the only way to defend, but this is a simple guide on how to defend and build trap tunnels.

More detail below the video!

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Be resourceful

A large part of this game is about how efficient you can be in missions. Obviously, you can just spam traps everywhere – and that will probably win you the mission – but say goodbye to all those resources that you could've saved by building efficiently.

That's why trap tunnelling is so important in this game – you're being efficient with your resources because, rather than spamming traps everywhere, you're funnelling the enemies into a smaller area so you can use a smaller amount of traps to do the same amount of work.

That's why you also need to think about how much resources you need to put into a defence to safely win the mission. If you are in a lower level mission, you'll need to put in less resources than in a higher level mission, so you may be able to run and gun in one mission, but have to use a lot of traps in another.

However, remember that it's much better to over trap and win the mission than under trap and lose, so if you're ever doubtful, don't hesitate to build a little more to ensure that you can win the mission safely.


Before building, you should make sure to see the element of the storm. You may need to use different weapons and traps based on the element of the husks that you're facing:

Physical HuskFire HuskWater HuskNature Husk
Physical DamageStrongWeakWeakWeak
Energy DamageStrongModerateModerateModerate
Fire DamageStrongModerateWeakStrong
Water DamageStrongStrongModerateWeak
Nature DamageStrongWeakStrongModerate

Keep in mind that physical weapons and traps have bonus damage over other elements when the element perk is unlocked, so while they are weak against all elements, they are the best pick against physical husks.

When facing an elemental wave, you should use the weapon and trap element that is strong against the husk element you are facing e.g. use fire weapons against nature husks. If you can't be bothered to do that or you want to use a particular weapon in all scenarios, energy weapons are never the best but are always decent against any wave of husks that you may get.


As shown in the video, the element of the husk also affects which building material you should use:

Physical HuskFire HuskWater HuskNature Husk

This means that, while metal is usually the best option, due to having the most health, you want to avoid using metal against nature waves, stone against water waves and wood against fire waves.


On storm missions (missions with a purple vortex on them on the mission selection screen), there are a variety of mission modifiers that may change the way you'll have to build and play – both positive and negative.

Positive modifiers buff a type of class, weapon or playstyle, so if you're about to play a mission with a modifier that buffs assault rifles, it's the perfect time to pick a hero loadout that buffs assault rifles and use your favourite assault rifle!

Negative modifiers make your life harder, especially for certain playstyles. If there is metal corrosion, it may be best to switch to stone, or if there are acid pools or exploding deathbombs, you may want to stay at range from the husks.

There are also alert missions. These missions spawn a mini-boss that spawns with random modifiers, a lot of health and a lot of damage. If left alone, it can wreck havoc on your base, so it's sensible to try and deal with it as soon as possible. Mini-bosses can require a lot of counter play to kill, due to having an element as well as modifiers, so pay attention to it's description when fighting it to find the quickest and easiest way to kill it!


The build shown in the video is a good starting build. However, it definitely isn't the only way! Part of learning and having fun with this game is to experiment with different ways you can build your defences. For example, many people love using a pyramid around ground ATLASes (although many people hate pyramids as well!). Your build is also going to have to differ based on the shape and surroundings of the objective – floating ATLASes, for example, require support as well as protection against lobbers and flingers, and objectives at the bottom of cliffs can be a little awkward (especially large objectives). Additionally, there are lots of different ways you can build trap tunnels, with high-level players still trying to find ways to make their trap tunnels more efficient.

The best way to find out what works the best is to try it yourself!

P.S. If you're feeling evil, Ned (the lost medkit guy) is a great bait for husks as long as you don't give him his medkit. Some may say he deserves to be bait anyway.

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