A Good Experience with a New Player

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TL;DR I taught a kid that had been scammed and begged me for weapons, how to play the game by explaining stuff that the game and those traders/scammers didn't really explain to him, and he really appreciated it

Tonight I was minding my own business about to do the mission for 25 V-Bucks in Stonewood that was around, where instantly I got pestered about "Oh I got scammed 8 times, can I get some weapons. We can trade." Repeatedly having this kid follow me forever as I in between say about how you shouldn't trade then if you are getting scammed and such.

He says about how he needs 130s to be able to do well in missions, which I tell him that he wouldn't as lower level ones work completely fine. I am surprised at how he would it odd how that is the case, but he listened to what I was saying. I told him that the way I got all my cool stuff is by playing the game and getting them myself (which he did mention to his friend after since he thought it was cool which I found funny and I appreciated that he found it cooler than it really is!)

I eventually learned that he actually didn't know what schematics really were, and asked me if he gave me his weapon I could "upgrade" it for him. I stated that is not how it works and tried to work out to him that how you make a weapon stronger is through leveling a weapon in your schematics back on the main menus of the game.


He seemed pretty happy to have someone explain these mechanics to him as he never knew that he could level up schematics himself, how to upgrade his pickxe and get evolutions in the skill tree and such.

He asked if I ever had a 130 weapon, and when I said I haven't (PL84, in Twine so I usually make 106s) so he found that shocking since I am PL84. Can't blame him though since he thought trading weapons and getting 130s was the way to play.

He did need some bullets beforehand which. I offered as I wasn't using those types of bullets anyway, which I told him about crafting of stuff a bit after.

He really did ask any questions that he thought of so he could learn about the game, which it felt better hearing him mention me to his friend as the "person who is helping give help and tips" than "he is the guy who gave me a bunch of free weapons!"

Overall a pretty negative experience at first, turned into one where I hope I can try and help out a bit more tomorrow, which I think I should talk about the topic of Survivors and stats to him next! Sorry if this post is all over the place at all!

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