A Guide on Elements and Building

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - A Guide on Elements and Building

Picture this, you just get into plankerton and you come across these weird coloured husks, you use you favorite weapon with a fiery tip but it does less damage than you thought it did, that sir is an elemental husk.

There are 3 elemental husks in the game and 5 elements of weapons for the husks we have: -water -fire -nature They all have their strengths and weaknesses, like taking more damage from certain elements taking less damage and doing more damage to structures, first off.


Fire is the the easiest element to counter with buildings but not so much traps, fire husks do double the amount of damage to wood structures which is bad for the already low health of wood, so you would use brick or metal to be safe, with traps there is only 1 trap that has the water element, which is the freeze trap, it does no damage so there is no need for elemental traps since they would do less damage instead use physical traps like, wall darts, floor spikes and gas traps. Finally you will want to use water elements guns to do the maximum amount of Damage . When they hit you they also deal affliction damage.


Nature is the most annoying element to fight, first of all they do double the damage to metal structures the highest health structure in the game so you'll have to use brick, traps the only traps that have an elemental advantage are flame grill traps and tar pits, flame grills have a long reload so it's better to use something else and tar pits are better for stalling so just like water use things broadsides, gas traps and floor spikes. You will want to use fire elements weapons to do the maximum amount of damage. When they hit you they take away energy so ability base heroes are countered hard with them.

Water 💧


Water potentially the easiest element to verse, so first they do double damage to brick so you can still use metal. For traps there are many traps that do nature damage, wall dynamo, ceiling electrical fields and zapper traps anything not filled in can be wooden floor spikes to slow them down and make them take more nature damage. You will want to use nature elemented weapons. When they hit you they give you slowness.

Now we move onto the 2 extra elements that are on weapons physical and energy, against husks with no element physical is the best element because it can do a potential 44% extra damage than any other element with only a potential 20%. Now with all this information you are probably thinks that energy is not that good since it doesn't do the max damage to any element but that's wrong, energy does a steady amount of damage to every element type and unless you want to change the element every game then energy is the way to go, you can use the same weapon in different missions and against different elements with no downside.

Now finally elemental storms in most missions there is an elemental storm which means that all husks that can have an element will have an element, nature storm, nature husks. etc. It's good to see that since you can pre-emptively choose your weapon elements and even hero load out if the play style gets countered, but one certain modifier is discussed by all, metal corrosion, what it means is when basic husks attack metal structures it does affliction damage, now what should you do if it is a water storm and metal corrosion, logic dictates wood but no, even though water husks do double to brick and basic husks deal affliction to metal, metal is always the right choice because "ONLY BASIC HUSKS" do affliction damage and if you use the correct traps to kill all the basic husks you will not have to worry about the affliction as the husks will die from the traps.

I hope you found my elemental guide helpful Stay Safe, Commander!

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