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Going to try and keep this as short and sweet as (not) possible.

First things First – You the Commander, and the Heroes you're in charge of! STW currently has 4 Classes of heroes, of which are the following respectively; Soldiers, Constructor, Ninjas and Outlanders. Each class has their own perks, which is consistent throughout every hero of said class.

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Soldiers are going to be the ideal class/heroes for Ranged Weapon Damage. Their class perks, (the perks that all soldiers have) are very suggestive of these guys being ranged weapon oriented heroes. However, there are a couple of solid ability based soldiers that perform relatively well.

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Constructors are going to be the Objective Build oriented class/heroes. There are some that specialize in a perk known as B.A.S.E. which essentially reinforces player built tiles with added armor (damage resistance), and hero specific perks that go beyond that, ie. extra tile health or tiles will heal over time. Constructors are also capable of some unique ability and hardware (melee) style loadouts!

unknown - A Guide To Saving The World - Heroes

Ninjas are going to be the strongest melee oriented heroes in the game, and some are even contenders for being strong at dishing out good ability damage. Ninjas also have arguably the best mobility, since every ninja loadout can double jump, and when they activate their class perk Shadow Stance, they get bonus movement speed and as well as some armor (form of damage resistance).

unknown - A Guide To Saving The World - Heroes

Outlanders are going to be… well these guys are kinda Jack of all trades, Master of none. Kidding! But yes, these guys and gals are very versatile heroes. We have a collection of Outlanders that are pistol oriented, mobility oriented (phase shift perks), ability damage oriented (TEDDY, Shock Tower, Seismic Smash) and last but not least, farming oriented perks (hero perks that benefit the usage of the class perk Anti Material Charge).

So every hero of the respective class has these perks, but each hero has their own unique Commander Perk, and a slightly “weaker” iteration of said perk, a Support Perk. There are however, some exceptions of heroes being reskins of one another (Enforcer Grizzly and Jingle Jess, Power Modulation Knox and Power Modulation Kyle & Penny). The hero rework back in 8.0 nearly made every hero unique!

Moving on to the Hero Load-outs.

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Each hero loadout can have a total of 5 support perks, a Commander Perk and a Team perk. As stated previously, Support perks are basically "weaker" versions of a hero’s commander perk, but with the right utilization, a Player can make a strong loadout surrounding the Commander Perk and Support perks that complement it. The Team Perk is another perk slot but does not require a hero to be slotted in per se. Rather, it requires the player to meet certain hero criteria for the Team perk to be “activated”. Ex. Have 5 5 star heroes slotted. Loadouts can also have a maximum of 2 gadgets.

Some Team Perks come as core game Team perks, while others are usually unlocked after acquiring a mythic hero. Ex. QuickDraw calamity unlocks the team perk Hot Swap, Mega Base Kyle unlocks the team perk Super Charged Traps. Exceptions to this, The Blast From The Past team perk was unlocked after acquiring any of the Dino heroes during its questline.

Hope this is a sufficient enough explanation on how heroes and hero loadouts work in STW!

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