A Guide to what YOU should do.

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The goal of this guide is to help know what you can control in order to get the most out of this game.

Hey all,

I am sure none of you know me, and that is expected as I often want to make a longer post (like this one) but I never seem to. Well today is the day!

My name is /u/apocalypse31 and I play on Xbox. I got into Fortnite StW because of BR back on January 1st. I am a level 102 and recently completed the main quest line, though I still have Twine 9 and 10 to do. In real life I am 30, have an MBA, two little girls and a wife I love. Game/work/life balance is rough, but I was unemployed for a chunk while I finished my degree, so that let me grind this game out.

Pre-post edit: I can't really do a TL;DR for this as there are several suggestions in here where context matters. Maybe save this and read it when you are taking a dump next? I don't know… It is lengthy, but I hope you find it valuable!

EDIT: Taksies backsies, adding a TL;DR.

1. Primary Focus

I used to work at a community center in inner city Indianapolis in my days after college, time which I would recommend everyone take. Something I often saw was people shifting the blame when they suspected someone else was at fault. For the religious people in the crowd (would not recommend acknowledging that on reddit, dangerous waters) it is the "remove the plank from your own eye before worrying about the speck in someone else's" saying. I would say to the kids, if something is 99% someone else's fault and 1% your fault, focus on the 1%, that is what you can control. So to turn the phrase above, "don't worry about the plank in someone else's eye until you take care of the speck in your own."

This will be written from this perspective, it is not what other players should do, what Epic should do, what global chat should do, and what your friends should do. It is about what YOU should do. That is what you can control. Control it. This carries over outside of this game. You can lose weight, you can finish your degree, you can ask that girl out, so long as you have a fraction of a portion of control, you have control.

2. Self-Awareness

None of this will mean anything if you are not self aware of where you are. There is a lot of vitriol on this subreddit that I am sure everyone has seen the same complaints.

"There are too many leechers."

"Global chat is filled with spam to trade."

"There are people constantly being toxic."

"Low level people keep coming into higher level missions."

I understand all of these complaints, and I agree with you completely. These are all serious problems in the game. But this isn't directly about that. This is about self-awareness about where you are and where you can be, as well as the path to get you there.

The first part of this is being mindful what type of player you are, do you always do the objective? Do you farm for the first 10 minutes of every mission? Do you use chat to communicate? Do you share the Storm Chest? Are you running a character that has negativity associated to it? That last one may rub people the wrong way, but keep in mind that may be part of the 1% that I am referencing. Is it fair? Not particularly, but this isn't about fairness, this is about maximizing your experience. Sometimes it takes work.

Reflect on yourself in some missions. When you get mad, look at where you are and how you react. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, and a downward spiral of justifiable retaliation only furthers toxicity.

3. Now what?

Well, let me address what I have done to make this game amazing and fun for me. I don't have to deal with leeches. I don't see toxicity. No low level people come into my missions. I have a way to find SSDs at will without using Global Chat (an Xbox Live LFG "group" focused on it with a couple hundred members). This isn't meant to sound condescending, but it has to do with maintaining an active pursuit of friends in this game.

There are several people I play with on the regular, and they will likely see this post as we reference reddit all the time. Russell, Brian, Brad, Mike, Adam, Mitch (get back on, dude), Micah (though he is my brother), Cam, Stephan (though he plays BR mostly right now), Scott 1, Scott 2, Ryan, Matt, other Ryan, Aaron, and sometimes other Aaron are all people I know on a first name basis. I know most of their careers, whether or not they have kids and sometimes the kids' names, some major events that have gone on in their lives and more.


Why do I mention this? Because I never have to deal with toxicity or leeching when I play with these guys (except sometimes Ryan and Micah, jerks). I didn't get these friends by accident (and I call them friends, I have many of their numbers). When I joined a mission and was playing alone, I would watch to see if someone was actually pulling their weight. It didn't have to be a ton of weight, necessarily, but enough to know that they shared my values. I would send them a party invite and sometimes a message saying "thanks for not sucking like everyone else" and ask them to join up. You would be surprised the amount of times that they will and do. Sometimes I would even give them a gun that I like or share some materials that I got from a chest. I don't expect them to reciprocate, but I also know that will increase the likelihood that we keep playing together (something that is a net positive for all of us).

Then, work on these friendships. On Xbox Live you can have favorites so that every time they sign online it shows that they popped on. I have way too many people added to favorites, but right after I meet them and I add them to favorites, the next time I see them pop online I invite them immediately. I am sure each of you have had where you add a friend, don't play with them for 2 weeks and wonder what that tag was on your list that you don't recognize? Could be new best friend. The sooner you play with them again, the more likely both of you will remember one another and can start that friendship. Side note, you also are likely to inherit several of the friends they play with as well. I have gotten many friends from someone else that just happened to welcome me into their playgroup, which added all my friends as well.

4. Set clear goals/expectations/roles

Sometime Microsoft has done well in their corporate life is ensuring that their most impactful teams have clear goals and expectations set from the start. In order to avoid confusion and frustration, when you are starting the mission, ask people what the expectations are. Are we going to do this as a speed run (would recommend)? Do we get the storm chest? Is it ok if I harvest for a minute if you think we have this? Does anyone need any event quest items? I can take care of building. I will do the traps. And so on and so on.

Here is what is important though, don't tell other people what to do. You do it yourself. Just say that you will be building the base and can do a trap tunnel and leave it at that. Other people will feel the need to reciprocate and help if they are friends that are worth having.

Setting clear roles is incredibly important on many fronts as well. I am certain many of you have heard of the murder of Kitty Genovese (maybe not by name, but the articles that ensued are often referenced). She was murdered in 1964 over the course of half an hour while onlookers did nothing. It was often cited as a mark of American indifference for their neighbors, but this isn't what it is at all. It is because everyone assumed someone else was doing something.

Fun fact: If you are having a heart attack, do not yell "Help!" or "I am having a heart attack!" Find someone who is passing by and say "You, in the red shirt, call 911! I am having a heart attack!" and the chances of them helping go up to nearly 99%. Now they have responsibility. Share the responsibility. Mention to someone, "Russell, you are amazing at building those traps tunnels. Can you build the trap tunnel on the north side of the base? I can drop you materials if you want them. What do you need?" "Ryan, can you find the storm chest while I get blu-glo?" This helps a ton.

Done, I guess

This ended up being longer than I wanted it to become, but that happens to me a lot… I hope you found this helpful. I am thinking of doing some other guides that may be a bit more abstract from this one. I would highly recommend trying these things, it will improve your Fortnite experience drastically. Forget what everyone else is doing, you control what you can and this game becomes amazing.

TL;DR I would say please read it, but if not… Focus on yourself first and what you can do, not other people. You can't control a leech that comes into your game, but you can ensure that leeches do not come into your game. Actively seek out a good play group and work on your relationships with them. You don't need to worry about 90% of the complaints on here if you are playing with friends. If 99% of your situation is out of your control and 1% is in your control, work on the 1% first. The rest of this explains how.

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