A guild system is needed.

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - A guild system is needed.

This is a bit of a story and a suggestion at the same time, tl;dr at the bottom.

I love this game. I'm pretty sure I start out every post on here saying just that. But public missions are just a pain. Eventually one gets so used to how people are in public missions that you forget how people can be.

Today I spent most of the day looking for lower level groups to help me get through this week's challenges because god knows I wouldn't be able to do them in normal lobbies. It took some time, but every group I found today ended up being infinitely better than any public mission I found in the past couple weeks or even months, regardless of level. I met people from around the world, I met a dad, I met a sweet couple, I met some younger players.

Everyone worked together and because it was easier, had a pleasant chat to help the time go by. The last group in particular was a group of lower level players, and they knew more about how to play the game than 80% of the people I play with in high canny or low twine. They were so friendly and it made me realize how much I would love to have a guild system in place in Fortnite.

With a guild system, you could have a group of people that all know each other and have most likely played with one another before. You have a controlled group of users to play with and a chance to make new friends. Especially with the recent Frostnite event, I've yearned for guilds more and more, just because of how much teamwork you can achieve just by knowing a bit more about what the other players are like. I don't have the editing skills to create a screenshot of what it could be, but I hope I got my point across.

TL;DR: Maybe I'm alone on this, but some sort of system to easily find a premade group of people you know to get together to play would be an absolutely fantastic edition to the game, which became particularly apparent with Frostnite (which is a great gamemode in my opinion).

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