A linguist looks at Ninja’s chatlogs

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I am a Linguistics major and I decided to analyze some of Ninja's chatlog!

For starters I looked at the chat logs of the days with the highest activity each month from March, 2018 to April 20191.

These data included over 1,000,000 messages.

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I took this data and converted it into a giant dictionary of words/emotes and tallied how often each individual one was used.

What did I find?

Well almost all of the most frequently typed items were drumroll*…..* emote spam! I know, you're shocked.

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However, I kept looking through the data and found some interesting trends. Typically, when a someone wants to express hype they'll just spam emotes. But the other way to express your hype is to yell "lmaooo!!!" or "yooo!!!" Words like these include:

  • lmaooo
  • nooo
  • yoooo
  • gooooo
  • ninjaaaaaa
  • yesssssss
  • loooool

What's going on here is a case of vowel lengthening (except for "yes", there it is consonant lengthening or gemination).


Many languages in the world have lengthening as an active part of the language. For example, in Japanese "Ojisan" means uncle, while "Ojiisan" means grandfather 2. In Japanese vowel length is contrastive and two words might have different meanings based on the length of the vowel. However, what is going on in Ninja's chat is emphatic. Meaning there is no semantic (meaning) based difference between"lmao" and "lmaoo", the difference is on emphasis (or hype).

Since chat is only orthographic (written), I wanted to see if there was a trend in how long the hyped version of each of these words is. So I measured the frequency of 1 extra letter all the way to 12 extra.

i7mrpav8lhx21 - A linguist looks at Ninja's chatlogs

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23wpkhqflhx21 - A linguist looks at Ninja's chatlogs

pc5417qflhx21 - A linguist looks at Ninja's chatlogs

g64999qflhx21 - A linguist looks at Ninja's chatlogs

wei60vzlmhx21 - A linguist looks at Ninja's chatlogs


For "lmao", "yo", "go", "lol", and "yes" the most common way to lengthen was with +2 extra letters. While with "no" it was +3. Seems like "nooo" just doesn't express it well enough, you really need to yell "noooooooo" (+7, 109 occurrences). Also, for some reason you guys really don't like saying "loooool" (+4, 9 occurrences) but are much cooler with the +3 and +5 versions *shrug*.

Speaking of "lol", if you were paying close attention you would have noticed it is the only word that has the emphatic lengthening in the middle of the word, and not at the end. Curiously enough it is also unique in that it is the only one of these words which also regularly uses emphatic reduplication.


Reduplication is a linguistic phenomena where all or part of a word is repeated for some reason. In English this would be the difference when you ask, " Do you like them? Or do you likelike them?". Here we fully reduplicate "like" in order to specify the definition of "to have a crush" versus "to find enjoyable". While English has few examples of reduplication, languages like Indonesian feature a lot of reduplication. For example, "satu" means "the number one" while "satu-satu" means "one at a time". In Indonesian reduplication can be full or partial and doing it can have a wide variety of meanings, including emphasis, plurality, continuousness, and much more 3.

In the case of "lol" the reduplication is emphatic and looks like "lolol" where the second half of "lol" is duplicated.

re8vxpqmqhx21 - A linguist looks at Ninja's chatlogs

As you can see above, partial replication, "lolol", is actually preferred over "lool" and "loool". While full reduplication, "lollol" only ever happens once.


So it seems as though if you want to type your hype, the most common method is lengthening with +2 extra letters. Unless of course you are loling in which case you'll want to use partial reduplication!

However, there has been one thing I left out: using the words normally (without any hype) which is what most people actually seem to do (by a long shot). "lmao" (5444 occurrences) versus "lmaooo" (403 occurrences), "lmaoo" is only 7% of the lmao's

yvlbnbhnrhx21 - A linguist looks at Ninja's chatlogs

I hope some of you found this cool!

P.s. Stay in school kids 😀

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