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So I'm one of those weird people who like to use as little as possible to get by. Building materials, crafting materials, ammo- I just try to use the bare minimum to cut the farming down and speed the game up. Usually I'll see the randoms I get paired with massively overbuild, stick traps absolutely everywhere, and then proceed to upgrade everything to tier 3. It's no surprise that they then have to go out and spend the next 20-40 minutes getting those materials back.

I aim to change that. If you want to reduce the amount of stuff you use and spend less time farming, stick around. This is going to be a big list of ways you can cutback on the stuff you use. (Fortnite: Broke College Kid Edition)

1: Reusing traps in trap tunnels

Later on in Canny Valley and into Twine Peaks, one gas trap isn't going to kill everything anymore. What I usually see people do is build a radical amount of traps in a tunnel until whatever's walking through it dies. Sure, that's one way to do it, but the smarter way is to reuse the same traps. Why make a second gas trap when you can make enemies go back through the first?

Try to get traps will reload speed rolls. A trap that goes off more frequently is more effective because the same trap will give you more coverage and less downtime. A gas trap with enough reload speed is essentially always active. The gas lingers long enough for it to activate again and keep a constant cloud. Wall launchers that reload faster give husks less time to advance.

Here's an example of a way to reuse a gas trap in a regular tunnel:

This is by far the most expensive of the three, but it is also the most powerful. Even so, it is still fairly cheap. Once again, it only requires one gas trap. The only other traps are wall launchers, which are dirt cheap. It's basically just a chain reaction. Husks will get gassed, walk through, and get pushed back. Even if the first one is reloading, the second one will push them back into the first one, and so on. Like the others, you can put a freeze trap under the gas trap or wooden floor spikes throughout the whole tunnel if you like. As an added bonus, this can be expanded as much as you like. Just add another corner and a wall launcher and you're set.

Get creative with it, just remember that wall launchers are your best friend if you want to be cheap.

2: Your tunnels do not need to kill everything

Occasionally a couple husks will get through. That's okay. Just watch and shoot. Your job is to kill the stuff that gets through, not to shoot into the tunnels or past them. Let the traps do their thing, then do your thing. If a couple are getting through, that's not a reason to panic and toss down a few dozen more. Guns are powerful. Let the guns do the shooty if need be.

3: You don't need to upgrade everything

Tunnels do not need to be upgraded. That's the whole point of a tunnel. Husks are supposed to path through it, not smash it down. If husks are beating on your tunnels, you are doing it wrong. Try reducing the space between openings. If they have an easier path, they're more likely to go through them.

There is a case to be made for people shooting propane and getting them destroyed, but any effective tunnel will kill so many sploders that the propane will stack up and destroy even tier 3 tunnels.

Bases do not always have to be level 3. It's a tough habit to break because you'll always be thinking, "But what if?" But if you're confident in the strength of the tunnels and your ability to clean up whatever might get through, you'll be able to get away with level 2 walls around the objective. They still provide some time for you to react and kill any enemies attacking them, but they cost half as much.

Additionally, some parts of the base can be left unupgraded and built out of wood. Shelter missions, for example, do not need upgraded second layers. What I'll usually do is beef up the first layer, leave the second layer as unupgraded wood, and then make the roof out of tier 2 wood. The second layer rarely if ever gets attacked, and even if it does, there are no pogo stick husks that can jump up through that gap. Upgrading the roofs one tier gives them some defense against lobbers.

Smashers (in Twine, at the very least) can easily charge through any tier 2 wall. What you'll want to do is surround your base with outward facing ramps (as in enemies will be underneath them as they approach). This will stop smashers from charging at them completely and instead they'll waddle over and smack them. Basically it removes their super powerful instantly destroy all the walls attack.

Again, if you're underleveled for the mission, you may want to up them to tier 3 just to play it safe. But the rest of the time, you should be okay with tier 2.

You can build your tunnels out of tier 1 wood if you wish. Wood is by far the easiest to farm back, so if you're just looking for speed, that'll have you covered. I tend to build mine out of stone because I can farm for mineral powder as I farm it back. Multitasking.


4: Use a variety of different weapons

While it's tempting to use your best weapon all the time, you're just going to run out of ammo constantly. To save yourself the hassle of crafting boatloads of ammo, use a variety of different guns. Try to get a good weapon that uses light ammo, medium ammo, heavy ammo, energy ammo, and shells each. Swap between them as needed when you get low on ammo. This way you'll have to craft way less in the end. When you're full on every other ammo type, any ammo you find just goes to waste. If you're using all of them equally, that ammo builds up surprisingly fast.

You'll probably have to craft some every now and then, but it's going to be way faster and cheaper this way.

If you really want to be cheap, get yourself a good melee weapon and melee hero. Switch to that when you're low and watch it build right back up. Melee weapons are really cheap to use and last a long time.

5: Don't build extra traps ahead of time

If the storm is changing directions and you're a slow builder who likes to have the tunnels ready just in case, do not put traps down yet. A lot of the time the husks will still come from one of the same directions and only the other will change. There's a good chance your tunnels might not even get used. There's no point in placing down a bunch of traps just for them to never get used. Just wait. If it changes directions, run over there and toss them down. It only takes a second, and this way you'll save a lot of traps.

6: Don't trap the base

(Edit: Added the after, forgot to put it in.)

Sounds like bad advice on paper, but if you're making tunnels, traps around the base are redundant. Tunnels will kill most of them, and the few that do get through are very easily cleaned up with guns. Putting traps around the base is wasted resources. Furthermore, even if things do get really crazy (say, if someone stood in the tunnel and got it blown up) and a ton of husks get through, your trap only lasts as long as that wall. Once that wall goes, so does that trap. Basically they're actively attacking a trap, whereas they'll just waddle right through them in a tunnel. Ideally you want to stop them from getting there in the first place, not invite them to come on in and then have to constantly repair the base.

At most, you'll probably want to do some ramps with floor launchers under them. This will prevent them from beating on the walls and buy you some extra time to go deal with them. You want to avoid letting them hit the base as much as possible because that = added repair costs.

Honorable mentions/mini-tips

  1. Supply drops can be handy for cutting down the amount of farming you need to do. You can usually get anywhere from 2-3 per game easily
  2. Level up your gas traps as high as you can reasonably sustain. The lingering gas by far makes them the best for crowd control, and their damage is amazing. Higher level = less needed.
  3. Do not place multiple gas traps back to back. You're just wasting your resources. The gas does not stack, it's just going to re-afflict them. If you do place more than one, place them far enough apart that enemies who passed through the first are no longer afflicted by the time they reach the second.
  4. You can substitute flame grill traps for gas traps when the husks are nature, in case you're running low on herbs/bacon. They're not quite as good, but they pack a punch against nature husks.
  5. Hover turrets are like a really powerful trap with a long cooldown.
  6. Use abilities when possible to avoid using ammo.
  7. STAY OUT OF THE TUNNELS. Don't be that guy that gets them blown up.
  8. Smashers will sometimes damage nearby structures when attacking players. Again, stay out of the tunnels.
  9. You can cap off propane with a roof piece to contain the blast. This'll save you on repair costs.
  10. Encampments with material rewards give a surprisingly high amount if you participate. Do them.
  11. Shadow orbs too. You don't even have to participate for those. Just do them if you see them.
  12. If you want to speedrun a bunch of missions, don't bother farming resources back every round. Do as many as you can now and then use a pathfinder/striker in a private lobby to get them back later. It's way faster now that the material limit has increased.
  13. Stay out of the tunnels.
  14. Lobbers will target players. So don't stand on the tunnels either.
  15. Use the environment as a natural wall to cut down on building costs.
  16. Knocking enemies off a ledge can sometimes force them back through your traps again. Survey they area and see which paths they have available. They can break through walls if the next opening is too far away, but they can't break through the terrain, so this can force them to take ridiculously long alternative paths.
  17. Stay out of the tunnels. Seriously.
  18. Smashers have a lower tolerance for obstacles than normal husks. If your tunnels are too winding, they will just break right through. Imagine a straight line from their spawn to the base. If you tunnel deviates from that line too much, you're doing it wrong, and a smasher is going to show you why.
  19. If you're massively overleveled for a mission, just build a wood box around the objective. Don't upgrade it. You'll be fine, I believe in you.
  20. Don't stand in the tunnels.

P.S. Thanks for the recent QOL changes Epic. The game is way more fun and rewarding now.

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