A moment of relief from Ventures, but was it all worth it? [Ventures opinion]

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - A moment of relief from Ventures, but was it all worth it? [Ventures opinion]

Ventures is coming to an end and I just so reached level 50. As the mode isn't well received by most player I thought I'd give my two cents and share my ups and downs.

The slavery is over.

Positive – Things I liked :

  • variety in missions
  • some off-meta loadouts proved very useful (Looking at Wild Fragment Deadeye)
  • variety of rewards
  • more loose on trap usage, since you lose all your stuff anyway at the end

In the end I'm not so sure though if these can be really considered as positive aspects.

Negative – Things I disliked :

  • bad RNG meant no movement
  • no out-of-combat-Phaseshift
  • anything combat related was based on RNG
  • slightly better rewards in higher zones while putting the players at a huge PL disadvantage
  • long prep phases to get some slightly better reward in higher zones
  • healers in higher zones (These b*tches are pretty much unkillable in a difficulty 5 PL 140 mission)
  • Attack of the fire nation (F U cowboys!)
  • lack of water and nature storms
  • rewards altogether
  • starting from scratch (I left Stonewood for a reason)
  • unholy amount of active energy cells you need in endgame for gambling

The list for downsides could be a lot longer…

Feedback – What should be improved IMO :

  • Core-game PL should take priority, until Venture PL exceed it

This would easily solve the reward-scaling problem and the grind through Stonewood, Plankerton and Canny Valley. We endgame players start at our respective level and can tackle Ventures more relaxed, as some people are heading back to school or university. This is also not BR, where everything is cosmetically. In StW you earned your PL. So why loose it all again in Ventures?


  • We have hundreds of weapons, but get only one Core-Re-Perk…

    Core-Re-Perk is essentially just a deluxe version of Re-Perk and there are a good 50 weapons that could be viable with their alternative 6th perks. Yet I'm not able to try off-meta loadouts because Core-Re-Perk is being time gated. Same goes for Flux, 50 legendary per week.

  • Weapons should at least be modifiable

Survival modes where you start every round, like BR, from scratch is ok IMO, but ventures? No! Ventures is simply the core game where your inventory gets wiped every 2 months and weapons often aren't a reliable source of DPS. Badlands was just pure boredom because after 3 matches my new-found weapons were already useless again or the fact, that I never found a melee with more than 1 movement speed.

I was annoyed as a TP player to constantly search for a decent weapon after reaching a new zone. Surprisingly the best weapons I found came from containers, not vending machines.

  • Hero Superchargers have more of an impact on Expeditions than Gameplay

I just think that Hero superchargers are quite… meaningless, except for expeditions. Some expeditions can finally be always at 100% without any RNG (Warcraft intensifies).

I'm not really sure what to add here at the end as this Venture season was pretty mediocre and was pretty forgettable. The voice lines were good as always though. Ventures burnt me out a bit and I just hope that the Epic cares enough to make Ventures a viable mode and that Magyst doesn't have to lie again. He deserves love, not hate, just because the higher-ups don't know how to manage a survival game.

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