A piece of advice for Fortnite players from someone who have completed Twine.

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Hey r/Fortnite!

I recently finished Twine in March week #3, and I wasn't really a part of the Fortnite Reddit back then.

However, after discovering this sub, I have found it to be a really great place to be a part of the community again, and being hyped for new heroes, weapons, storylines, etc with you guys has been amazing. It's the first thing I check when I wake up.

But like every other gaming subreddit there is, this one has a lot of "meta" (Most Effective Tactic Available) discussions too. Which is the most optimal hero? What is the best gun?

I'm here to say that none of this actually matters as much as people make it out to be.

•What is "optimal"?

Now understand the difference between using Dragon Scorch and Fleetfoot Ken, or using a weapon with all Magazine Size perks vs balanced Damage, CC, CD, Elemental perks. One of them is clearly of no use. It's downright bad.

The meta advice surely isn't coming from their imaginations, of course it's based on real time analysis, but it isn't a ground rule like people think it to be.

Now compare using Dragon Scorch vs Swordmaster Ken, or using Ranger vs Tedd Shot. One of them sounds better, and not just because it's higher on a tier list. Dragon Scorch's DSlash is crazy. Ranger's Pistol perks are crazy. Ken can't really take out whole waves of 50+ husks with one tap of a button, and Tedd Shot isn't the sniper version of Ranger that you expected. So are you saying that people should only use UAH, Dragon, Ranger, and Powerbase in the respective classes? Hell no.

•Personal Experience

I have a friend who loves the Love Ranger Jonesy skin and helped me in my Twine SSDs a lot, always getting scores equal to say, my Special Forces, or my UAH. Sometimes his score was like ~100 +- my combat score, but overall, we were the same. Now since Love Ranger Jonesy (Survivalist) is essentially based on a survivalist skill (survive more, tankiness, in a game where there is no death penalty anymore) while my SF/UAH are based on killing more, he sure had to put in a little more effort.

Sure as hell he was, but he enjoyed the shit out of it. He ramped up on laser husks Battle Royale style and headshotted the shit out of them. I realized that I was only standing around aiming and pressing my mouse, aiming grenades to use my Keep Out at spawn/choke points. Who will enjoy the game more? Me, using the most id*ot proof hero, or him, using a hero with less useful skills and trying to make them work?


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I have used plenty of comparisons in this post, but understand that the heroes aren't that different from each other. Me and 4 other friends bought and completed the game in the same time periods, and I've found that the most amount of fun we had was when we randomly decided to choose a hero we like and jump into the mission, instead of assigning "Today the two of us will go SF, you two go MGR and UAH".

I've NEVER stared at the Defeat screen because "Man I wish I'd used a meta figure". This game isn't difficult enough for meta to even matter as much.

Some heroes are poorly designed, like Demolisher needing Keep Out over UAH that has no business with it, and there is some lack of balance in the hero pool, but it's not a handicap at all.

I did my last Twine mission with a Shuriken Master. Yes, a SMS over a UAH/MGR/SF/Dragon and all those monsters.

I've enjoyed the heck out of this game, after I started using whatever I liked. All that mattered was that A)I was contributing to the team B)I wasn't lacking behind on any scores.

•A little thank you

Come on, I mean…Epic has created a very creative, and many people's most played game. We love it. We love Epic for sticking up through all the good and bad updates. This sub went from "Ranger Jonesy" to "Refund" and then to "Rerolls Hype!" in a month. They're doing a great job with this game. It's my favorite game ever and I thank epic for that.

There are classes and subclasses of heroes, there are specialist heroes and hybrids, and the game makes them available to you fairly easily. Are you really only going to use 2 heroes in the entire game just because they yield the highest DPS? Not to say that people can't enjoy doing that, sure, some people have gone through the whole pool and picked the highest DPS/AOE heroes and used them all along, but that doesn't make it "optimal". There is no "optimal" in this game. You can make any hero work if you want. You only need to know what you're in for since XP may not always be easy to get for all people at all stages.

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•So who should I run? (TL;DR)

I'm not saying Whitesushi and all others who analyze new and old heroes are wrong, but if you like a hero that's at the bottom of someone's tier list AND you can make it work AND you are progressing through the story without being carried, there's totally no reason for you to not do it. In fact, isn't that your Most Effective Tactic Available?

Have a good day!


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