A plea to Epic for continued family “respawn” game modes.

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - A plea to Epic for continued family "respawn" game modes.

This game has broken down so many barriers and drawn such a diverse fan base. Yes there are toxic players, but in general, I have met many great ppl, children and adults alike.

Ive been an avid gamer longer than 90% of players have been alive, yes, I'm in my late 40's. I'm also a military veteran and 20 year police officer. Talk about breaking down stereotypes. I've used the game in conversation with children in my community to break the ice, and I've even friended some and played with them. How did this crazy journey begin? My daughter drew me into Fortnite back in season 3, and we as a family have never looked back. We play together all the time.

To the point… Last season "6" my wife who would game occasionally, but is old school and likes old games like Sam and max, or day of the tentacle, etc… Well, she wanted to get involved and try out Fortnite, because she saw how much fun my daughter and I had playing with friends. My wife is in late 40s also and has never played a "shooter" in her life. So the learning curve has been HUGE, especially with hand/eye coordination, building etc. .. She grew very disgruntled dying ALL THE TIME, no kills, just hiding in solo the whole match. But, she continued playing, and slowly getting better with our encouragement.

What has made a WORLD of difference has been the game modes which allow her to respawn! She absolutely loves "Team RUMBLE" and "Disco "Domination". If she gets one or two kills, shes ecstatic! But, more importantly, she doesn't feel like a burden to her team, or squads, because the individual performance doesnt weigh so heavily and makes the game so much more enjoyable for her. We are afraid if these "respawn" modes dont stay in regular rotation, she will lose interest and no longer want to play. The holiday season been great, because these LTM events have been rotating frequently, and allowed us to game happily as a family. We hope my wife can continue to play well into 2019 with these similar game modes.

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Sorry for the long rant, but if anyone at EPIC is listening, thank you in advance for your consideration in this request.

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