A quick review of The Killjoy, The Big Shot, and The Floor Flusher Art Deco weapons

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - A quick review of The Killjoy, The Big Shot, and The Floor Flusher Art Deco weapons

I got really lucky with my Art Deco llamas, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts on a few of the weapons in case anyone has one of these in their first llama and is on the fence about buying it. (I understand why people don’t want to buy them.) I know there are not lot of review videos out there yet, so I hope this is helpful.

All of these weapons were tested in a solo 124 Eliminate and Collect mission with fire husks. All of them had blue perks that were only semi-optimized. All of them were perked as Water with an extra 44% damage to fire enemies (I got super lucky with my 6th perks). I can only imagine that with the right legendary perks these would be even better.

Also note: all of these weapons can only be rolled as fire, water, or nature. You can’t put energy or physical on them. And it seems the only 6th perks available are 44% extra damage to one of these elements. I have some thoughts about this that I’ll put in a comment below. On to the reviews:

First, the Killjoy: This sword has the same heavy attack as the Steam Thrasher, so with the right loadout you can do the same infinite spinning heavy attack as long as you’re killing husks. But unlike the scythe, it also has a decent normal attack speed which makes it really fun to switch back and forth between heavy and regular attacks. Honestly, I’m still not sure how I’m going to perk this one. And mine is only epic rarity and it was still wrecking 124 fire husks, even without the extra 44% damage, so I can’t wait to flux it up when I can. Bottom line: it looks badass, and it feels badass to use. I wouldn’t miss this one.


Next, the Big Shot: This shotgun also feels really good to use. It definitely hits hard (but then again, most shotguns do). You’ll kill most husks with one shot. Mist monsters took about 3 shots maybe. It reloads one shell at a time, so don’t let the reload speed in the description scare you off. It’s not bad at all. It has a semi-narrow spread (you might kill two husks with one shot), and the range is not great. You’re going to be mostly up close and personal with it. Bottom line: it feels kinda like a Maverick reskin (which is not bad, imo). I don’t know if this will replace any of my regular shotgun lineup, but it’s a very good one and I’ll probably use it a lot.

Finally, the Floor Flusher: This AR is very good at single target damage, especially against fire husks (in my case). But of all these weapons this one felt like it suffered the most against physical husks. You could definitely tell a difference in damage output against physical husks and mist monsters without the extra 44% damage bonus, to the point where during the entire mission I was like “oh man, this gun is really good!…wait, is it though?” Also, it kinda feels more like a medium range smg than an AR. I found myself hip firing a lot when I got swarmed (but it could have just been the mission). But it definitely shines more on the low- to medium-range. For me the jury is still out on this one, but when it’s all said and done I’d say this is easily a top 10 AR, and with the right perks and loadout it could be even better. I’ll likely use it a lot this season, but probably only because I spent 300 vbucks on it lol.

So in sum, I’d say each of these weapons is definitely worth picking up, especially if you’re a newer player or are just bored with your current weapon lineup (like me). Hopefully these will be available to purchase with tickets in the next couple months.

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