A rant about Mission variety and why it desperately needs to be addressed by Epic

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - A rant about Mission variety and why it desperately needs to be addressed by Epic

This issue has been addressed to death, but all epic ever gives us are event missions every 3 or 4 month that are all basically the same thing (Survive the storm, challenge the horde and Frostnite). Yes bugs need to be fixed, yes a completed story would be great, but what is the point in play for the thousandth time when 7 out of the 10 core missions are basically THE EXACT SAME THING. Side Rant about how you defend these objective, this game is about building Forts to defend these objectives, I understand that, but when i first saw the 2017 E3 trailer for this game, I expected i would be needing to build massive forts to defend these objectives. You can do that but in the lower levels nobody knows how to build forts like that and in higher levels nobody bothers to build forts like that. What's the point in trying when it's more efficient to put in minimal effort? Back onto mission variety. Whenever i had a friend he tried STW, the furthest all of them made it up to was mid-plankerton, this could be because of the toxic lower level STW community, but another offender was the fact that they had played every mission in the game… IN MID-PLANKERTON. It also doesn't help that the procedural generation barely adds any variety to these objectives. to put it simply, fortnite gets very boring, very quickly. I was watching a BR you-tuber the other day (not going to name which one). He made a STW to video to talk about how unfair it is that BR gets a lot of content they don't want, and yet STW needs more content (this was specifically targeted at the Share the love event). But his main complaint throughout the video was the lack of mission types. This area of the game is so lacking that it makes harder for a lot of newer players to get involved in the game. Epic, this needs to be addressed if you want at least the BR player base to stay around when the game goes free.

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When the game goes free, there will always be the inevitable comparison to other lootathons and co-op games on the market. But i'm gonna compare STW's mission variety to another; smaller, early access; co-op game. Deep rock galactic is a co-op game based around descending into an alien planet to mine rare minerals. Fortnite has 10 mission types, Deep rock galactic has 5 and yet i always enjoy playing these 5 missions more than Fortnites 10. For this comparison, i'm going to compare three missions each from both games. For Fortnite there are mission like, Fight the storm, Ride the lightning and Rescue the survivors. While all of them have you searching for different objects, they all eventually result in you standing around, defending a target for X amount of time. Deep rock galactic has missions like, Mining expeditions, salvage operation and Elimination. Mining expedition is your standard descending into caves and mining till you meet you quota, Savage operation has you looking for robot puts so you can repair those robots and repair the shuttle, Extermination has you hunting and killing 2 or 3 of the hardest enemies in the game. All of these involved descending further into a cave, but all have different goals and different ways of completion. Unlike fortnite, where different missions just means slightly different builds. In deep rock galactic you use different tactics and strategies. And the best part of Deep rock galactic's missions is the extractions. At the end of every mission, you don't just finish the mission, you have to ascend and escape the cave you just dug yourself into, these moments can be really intense and enjoyable. Fortnite has nothing like this.

bn2c87buovh21 - A rant about Mission variety and why it desperately needs to be addressed by Epic

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There are A lot of concept mission types that the community has come up with, and to be honest i kinda just want Epic to read some of them and start implementing them into the game. I understand that DRG and STW are two very different co-op games at times. One is very defense heavy and the other is very offense heavy. but Epic need to make strides to improve the variety of missions in this game.

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