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Would a reputation system be beneficial in helping reduce AFKers? If there are any suggestions or improvements please comment below, and I will send a version of the following for EPIC to see.

Dear EPIC,

What would we like?

A visible reputation system that matches users based on their reputation. Players will lose reputation with reports (that have basis, see below), and players with lower reputation may have longer queue times to find players with similar reduced reputation.

Why would we like this?

The biggest issue many players have is the constant inclusion of players who aren't playing once in the game (AFKers).

Not only do these players make the game harder (we could have a defender instead), longer (we cannot start the mission because they don't vote, giving a no vote), reduce rewards (since it is harder to fully complete the mission) it is also completely unfair for serial AFKers to breeze through the game.

How would this be implemented?

Every player would start with 100 reputation. They can see this. Each time EPIC receives a report about them it is validated and they lose up to 10 reputation. Each time they complete a mission without a report they gain 3 reputation.

  • Players with >95 reputation match make as usual with other players with >95 reputation.

  • Players with 80-95 reputation join any lobbies (pre-game or in-game) with reputations of 70-95. If after 3 minutes there are still no lobbies with reputations in this range they create their own, and wait up to 5 minutes for it to be filled, but can start early if they wish.

  • Players with reputation 60-80 will join 50-85 reputation lobbies, or after 5 minutes create a lobby which will start automatically when filled or after 10 minutes.

  • Players ranked 40-60 and 0-40 will match make in a similar way to above with people of similar reputation.

How would this affect players?

Those with >95 reputation:

Slightly fewer players, however significantly better quality players. Beneficial for these players.

Those with 80-95 reputation:

Probably find an annoying player, maybe a few, will want to move their reputation up. Similar lobbies to currently.

Those with 40 – 80 reputation:

Will be hard to complete tough games, since there is likely to be less players in the game, of which they are likely to not play well. These players may need to play privately to regain reputation.


Those with less than 40 reputation:

Games will be difficult, teammates will be terrible if they even play. These players will not be able to AFK if they want to complete the mission as their teammates are unlikely to help.

How would this help?

Player would want to be in good lobbies, hence there is both incentive to not AFK (since they will drop down) and disincentive to players who do AFK (games will be harder).

How to determine how many points are lost?

This will rely on user reports unless:

Finishing the game with 0 0 0 build, shoot, util will result in -10 reputation.

If reported:

If the player has not (or barely) contributed in damage to the main objective (if in such a mission), -10 reputation.

If the player was AFK (no movement, or repeated movement) for a period of time during the main mission, -5 reputation.

If the player has low (relative to the other players mean) damage and build score (close to the objective), then -5 reputation.

If the players score during the objective phase is similar to the other players score, no loss in reputation. This is to prevent false reporting.

Other notes

Players in a party will match make with the lowest reputation player (they can see their teammates reputation).


Players with reduced reputation will have longer queue times. Players with extremely bad reputation may not be able to find partners. They can fix their reputation by playing privately or being an important player in the matches they play.


Will this fully remove AFKers?

No. However it will reduce them overall, and will drastically reduce them in the matches of players with high reputation.

Can the system be improved?

Yes. For example players could in the future lose reputation for other offences.

What if I quickly answer the door and get reported, I don't want to be in a bad lobby?

You may lose 5 reputation if you are gone for a few minutes, however you will stay in the high reputation lobbies, and if there are no other instances in the next few games then you will be fine.

You can improve this system by doing X

Please write below any possible improvements.

Please read through and consider this.

random me - A reputation system

/u/random_me (and FORTnITE ?)

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