A review on the Assault Rifle specialist, Special Forces Banshee, and why you should use her.

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(PS: This post is written by my friend who doesn't have a Reddit account yet and wanted to share his thoughts.)

I am not the most expert gamer on here, I am just another Twine player, nearing PL 112. I am not super into the mechanics, so please correct me if I'm wrong. I just play the game casually and use what I like. Fortunately, this hero is already considered meta so this is more of a post to introduce this hero to those people who don't know much about it. I've been using this hero a lot recently and here's what I love about it. (I use Special Forces Banshee, Legendary 5 star):

Amazing Assault Rifle perks

Assault Damage: Increases assault weapon damage by 24%.

Add a Wukong or MGR in support and you get +24%, and on top of that you have the +10% that every soldier gets by default for ranged weapons.

Steady Aim: Reduces recoil by 29%.

Remember every single gun that starts sliding upwards as the magazine empties?

Quick Clip: Increases reload speed by 30%.

While this might be more useful for shotguns, and Special Forces is an Assault Rifle specialist, the reload speed certainly takes off a noticeable amount of downtime.

Waste Not Want Not: Increases ammo capacity of all weapons by 40%.

It just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

Similarities to Rescue Trooper Ramirez and what makes them different

Now till here, you might have seen the similarity with Rescue Trooper Ramirez. From here, they both part ways. RTR goes the way of being a great, balanced hero with ammo recovery, shockwave, and survivability, SF goes the War Cry route, which further boosts its Assault Rifle damage.

Probably the best War Cry in the game

Reduces the cooldown of War Cry to 60 seconds.

+5 seconds duration on War Cry.

and finally

While War Cry is active, you now do 10% more damage to enemies.

I initially wasn't a big fan of War Cry based soldiers until I started using Beserker (yes, I often main Wukong in Twine with no issues) and Raven (a unique soldier I liked because of pistol synergy), but Special Forces and Centurion have really sold me out.


TRUE, War Cry benefits all your teammates, but it benefits you as well. You're not exactly supporting them in the sense that you give them benefits that you don't get. The use of War Cry is most notice when there's a tanky enemy and all your teammates are nearby and shooting at it, then you activate it and see the enemy's health bar go down at a much faster rate.

Why I like it over UAH

I know, Warcry isn't the flashiest ability. You don't have blue residual fields leaving a mark everywhere, and it buffs everyone's combat score. But here's the catch.

UAH is pretty much a "who cares about ammo" soldier. I often lost over a thousand ammo when I first got it in Canny and tried it in my SSDs, not even the hardest ones. I don't like how I had to spam the craft button every match, and start every match smashing cars and mechanical objects for nuts and bolts.

SF gets actual damage perks, it doesn't rely on boosting your fire rate and downing your bullets. SF makes your ammo stronger, while UAH (though it gets Lingering Pain + Kneecapper) mostly focuses on letting more ammo out in unit time.

What it lacks and how to fix it

AOE. There's no shockwave. You're using an AR so being crowded by husks means you probably don't have a shotgun slotted.

What I do is I run Double Agent in tactical so that my grenades get cluster bombs. I usually drop them right at my feet whenever crowded, or into a crowd if I want to spare bullets and am in a safe place.


Here's my setup:

Main: Special Forces Banshee

Support: Wukong (+24% AR damage)

Tactical: Double Agent Evelyn (+cluster bombs)

Thank you for reading, love this community btw. Long time lurker.

I haven't created an account for this yet because there are already many people on this subreddit writing guides, people who understand the game ten times better. But if you liked this post, I would be happy to present more, and next time on heroes less used.


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